Problems finding classes within Jars from Jaguar 3.5


Does anyone know how to get Jaguar 3.5 to find classes which are held within
jars. I have tried :

1) Copying the jar into <jaguar directory>\java\classes and adding it to the
system environment       classpath variable.

2) Adding the jar name into the property
for the EJB which it is calling the beans.

3) Adding the jar into the BootClassPath directory specified in the
serverstart_jdk12 batch file.

The only way we have managed to have the classes recognised is to expand the
jars into the java\classes directory. However, this does not solve the
problem as the jar itself is being regularly updated by another application,
so the classes need to be referenced directly from the jar.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


2/23/2001 4:31:21 PM
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