I need to connect PowerSite with Connection Cache to Jaguar

    I want to connect my HTML/Datawindow to an connection cache in
Jaguar with Sybase native driver (libjct.dll), this connection cache
pings in the server with no problem. When i making my page in PowerSite
and i want to connect the datawindow to an connection cache, just
appears ODBC drivers to connect to the database, but i want to know if
exists a form to connect the datawindow in PowerSite with connection
cache or Native Driver.

Thank u

Fabr�cio Streppel
Francisco Freitas

6/15/1999 2:00:55 PM
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Develop Informatica - Suporte wrote:

>     I want to connect my HTML/Datawindow to an connection cache in
> Jaguar with Sybase native driver (libjct.dll), this connection cache
> pings in the server with no problem. When i making my page in PowerSite
> and i want to connect the datawindow to an connection cache, just
> appears ODBC drivers to connect to the database, but i want to know if
> exists a form to connect the datawindow in PowerSite with connection
> cache or Native Driver.
> Thank u
> Fabr�cio Streppel
> Francisco Freitas

You can use the native drivers, but PowerSite's DTC doesn't support them.
Take a look at online help for PSConnectionParms, basically each of the
arguments maps to a PowerBuilder transaction object argument.  You'll
probably want to select 'Generate Static Output' when building your page,
because if you modify the script explicitly and then make other changes via
the DTC, you may overwrite your edits.  I believe that the Catalina release
is going to have some enhancements in the area of connection profiles that
will no longer limit you to ODBC.

Jim O'Neil
Sybase Technical Support

6/15/1999 3:12:51 PM

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