Can EAServer support Java Servlet load balancing?

As my title. Can EAServer support Java Servlet load balancing? How about web

2/27/2001 8:47:00 AM
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Load Balancing of HTTP traffice is best accomplished by hardware.

Dave Wolf
Internet Applications Division

"Roger Lou" <> wrote in message
> As my title. Can EAServer support Java Servlet load balancing? How about
> application?

2/27/2001 11:03:42 PM

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Why my EAServer cluster can not do load balancing?
I have set up one EAServer cluster on two Machines. When my client application calls EJB component on Jaguar, the run time monitor of Jaguar shows only primary server are used. I have used ORB, JNDI and to call component on Jaguar. And I have set URL, user, password and other properties such as : pros.put("com.sybase.ejb.socketReuseLimit", "1"); pros.put("com.sybase.CORBA.socketReuseLimit","1"); I can complete client call, BUT member server never be invoked. Why, do I miss anything???? ...

Abnormal behavior of EAServer : Automatically deleteing servlet entry in easerver and deleting java & classfile files
Problem with ( Servlet ) : "Abnormal behavior of EAServer " Automatically delete servlet entry in easerver and deleting files and ChangePassword.class . Easserver 5.3.0 ( build 53016 ) Jdk 1.5 Pb 10.5 ( build 2516 ) I have created a servlet to change the password and it is working fine am facing one problem that easerver delete delete servlet entry in easerver and deleting files and ChangePassword.class . Please find log file with attachment ( different time when I am facing...

EAserver to Easerver calls
We have a central server that makes calls to other jaguar servers located on different machines. If the calling component uses transactions, then whenever it connects to a component on another system we get errors in the server log in regards to invalid transactions (see below for actual error) on both the calling and called servers. These errors cause a rollback in the calling component. The code in the called component executes properly. If we set the transaction type to 'not supported' all works well, but we lose the ability to take advantage of EAServer's transactio...

Web Application and EAServer Load Balancing
We have a web application using JSP pages and EAServer as our web server. We are experimenting with a cluster of servers, each server has our components loaded and our web application loaded into the repository. During load testing, we are not seeing component calls from our JSP pages getting distributed across the cluster. Instead, the server we are pinging with the HTTP requests is handling all of the component calls while the other servers in the cluster remain idle. Do we set aside one EAServer that has only the web application so that we can trigger load balancing of our compone...

Load balancing in EAServer, Solaris 8
Hi, I'm trying to create a HA configuration with EAServer 4.2 (Build 42012). I did it in Windows 2000 with no problems, but I cannot repeat it in Solaris 8. My configuration is simple, I have a cluster with 2 servers, and both of them are also name servers. I deployed a stateless session EJB that reads a text from a local file and returns it, so I can see in wich server was instantiated the EJB (I have different text files in each server). And I created a Java client that connects to the primary server, and shows the text returned by the EJB. I'm using round robi...

Load Balancing of Multiple EAServer Instances
We are currently running 3 Jaguar Servers, all in one Cluster. These could be called 1, 2 and 3. Right now we have tried Random and Round Robin for our load balancing options. Both of these methods have resulted in Server 2 getting far and away the most work. Server 1 is the master of the cluster. I am looking for recommendations on how to set up the load balancing across three servers to ensure an even load distribution. I am running EAServer Version 5.3.0 (Build 53016)/P/PC Intel/Microsoft Windows/OPT/Aug 15 2005. Thank you. ...

IBM MQ Java support in EAServer
Anybody have any experience in IBM MQ series. We are trying to get a java component installed in EAServer to interface to IBM MQ Series java classes. I wanted to know if anyone could give me some ideas on how to get started, regardless of the experience. Carson has done this. Dave Wolf Internet Applications Division "Pete & Denise Sfiridis" <> wrote in message > Anybody have any experience in IBM MQ series. We are trying to get a java > component installed in EAServer to interface to IBM ...

Calling EAServer component from Java Servlet.
Sorry if I am asking dummy question. There is an example in the Jaguar documentation / Jaguar CTS Programmer's Guide / Chapter 23, Creating Java Servlets, �Using the Java/CORBA technique� to call a component from a java servlet. Code as follow: java.util.Properties props = new java.util.Properties(); props.put("org.omg.CORBA.ORBClass", "com.sybase.CORBA.ORB"); ORB orb = ORB.init((java.lang.String[])null, props); Payroll payroll = PayrollHelper.narrow(orb.string_to_object("Finance/Payroll")); 1. I included these lines in my servlet (I changed na...

EAServer Cluster not load balancing well
We have a cluster of EAServers on Windows (recently switched from AIX). We have 5 Windows machines with 1 EAServer on each. 1 is the primary server, 2 or name servers and the other 2 are nothing special. We are using Round Robin balancing (have tried other methods with no change) and what is happening consistenly is the primary server and 1 name server are pretty much balanced and then the other name server along with the other 2 servers are pretty much balanced, however the 3 servers balanced together are processing about 75% of the total load while the other 2 servers are sharin...

Supported Servlet API's on EASERVER?
Dear readers, Can anyone tell me what servlet api versions are supported by different EAServer versions? EAServer 4.x supports Servlet 2.3 "jasa" <> wrote in message news:3fddd3a6@forums-1-dub... > Dear readers, > > Can anyone tell me what servlet api versions are supported by different > EAServer versions? > > > > ...

Problem with EAServer-Cluster and partitioned load balancing
Hello to all, I have a problem with a EAServer-Cluster and partitioned load balancing. I have 2 PowerBuilder-Components in 2 different Packages deployed in 2 EAServer running in a Cluster. The component "PB_INTERCOMP_TEST1/component1", and the component "PB_INTERCOMP_TEST2/component2", which will be called from "component1". The Cluster consists of 2 EAServer ("eas1" and "eas2"). "eas1" is the Primary and both Servers are Name Servers. Package "PB_INTERCOMP_TEST1" is only listed under "Installed Packages&quo...

EAServer servlets
Hi! I am looking for a web server that serves servlets, because I have found that Netscape Enterprise Server supports just the JSDK 1.0 spec. Is it possible to use Jaguar 3.0, that comes with servlet support, as a web servlet engine for production purposes, where the loads are high and the high availability is very important? I am asking because I know that JaguarCTS is a good application server, but not so good and scalable as web server, and the servlets are just in the middle of this. Thanks, danim EAS we beleive is a very fast webserver for HTTP requests an...

EAServer 5: supported Java version has reached end-of-life
Hello, The JDK 1.4.1_03 that is shipped with EAServer 5 was already at end-of-life when EAServer 5 was released. Any plans to certifiy EAServer with a version of Java that is still supported? /Lars I couldn't say what the plans are for certification, but I can say that, in our experience, EAServer 4.2 works very well with JDK 1.4.2. In fact, it seemed to clear up a problem we had when using 1.4.1. I do not expect to see problems when upgrading to EAServer 5, but again, I know nothing about the certification process. In article <409267cf@forums-1-dub>, l...

How can Java-class component work out its own EAServer package and component name ?
Can anyone please tell me how a Java class, deployed as a component on EAServer, can figure out internally which package and component name it is being invoked as ? I need this to look up its properties in the repository as shown below - for now, I have hard-coded the componentName variable (= "MyPackage/MyComp") TIA James ------------------------------------------------- Properties ORBProps = new Properties(); ORBProps.put("org.omg.CORBA.ORBClass", "com.sybase.CORBA.ORB"); ORB orb = ORB.init((String[]) null, ORBProps);

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