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May be this das not belong hire but I need to know.
How can I determent that the packet was realy sent and received?
How to disconect socket when there is no function for disconect?
7/4/2002 5:35:13 AM
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there is no way to see what is transmitted on the socket without doing
hardward sniffing.  as for closing the connection check out the property
SocketReuseLimit.  If you set that to 1 then it will close the connection
after every call.

Scott McReynolds
Engineering Manager

<Milan> wrote in message
> May be this das not belong hire but I need to know.
> How can I determent that the packet was realy sent and received?
> How to disconect socket when there is no function for disconect?

7/8/2002 5:29:46 PM

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