Problem with Dates and Access 2000 database

I have a table with a date column (access 2000 database). I
have tried to retrieve the information either on the db
painter and on the dw painter and the column displays this


If i try to save a new row i get this error:

SQLSTATE =3d 3075
Microsoft JET Database Engine
GUID formado incorrectamente. en la expresi=f3n de consulta
'{d '1981-01-01' }'.

No changes made to database.

INSERT INTO Ejecutivos ( nombres, apellidos, ibm,
fechaNacimiento, idprofesionmedia, universidad,
universidadanio, idpostgrado, postgradouniversidad,
postgradoanio, idestadocivil, puestoactual, empresalaboral,
vicepresidencia, gerencia, departamento, seccion ) VALUES (
'Carlos', 'Lone', 559, {d '1981-01-01' }, 1, 1, 2004, 1, 1,
2006, 1, 1, 402, 2001, 19, 8, 4 )

Any ideas to solve this issue?

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