Problem connecting with DNS-less connection string (using ASP)

My connection works if I connect using the DSN, the connection string being:


but if I try using a DSN-less connection string:

"Driver={Sybase System 11}; Server=ISSERVER; Database=sybsystemprocs;
UID=sa; PWD=intershop"

I get the error:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver]Insufficient information to connect to
the data source.

/sybasetest/getDBsizes.asp, line 13

Has anyone got any idea what I'm missing?

Alex Lakeland

2/5/2002 4:41:31 PM
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I have had luck using a DSNless connection.  Here's the syntax - looks like
you are just missing some parameters...

"DRIVER=Adaptive Server Anywhere


"Alex Lakeland" <> wrote in message
> My connection works if I connect using the DSN, the connection string
> "DSN=SybaseAdminDev;username=sa;password=intershop"
> but if I try using a DSN-less connection string:
> "Driver={Sybase System 11}; Server=ISSERVER; Database=sybsystemprocs;
> UID=sa; PWD=intershop"
> I get the error:
> ---------------------------------------------
> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
> [INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver]Insufficient information to connect to
> the data source.
> /sybasetest/getDBsizes.asp, line 13
> ---------------------------------------------
> Has anyone got any idea what I'm missing?
> Alex Lakeland

2/7/2002 5:38:23 PM
Use srvr= instead of server= in your connection string
2/26/2002 12:14:36 AM

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