in crystal report

any one know or have source code about using crystal report
connecting to please help me.???
4/12/2005 5:04:55 PM
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Try this web site
which uses DataSets

We use Crystal with oledb provider but started to move the
to Data Dynamics report writer

Hope it helps

> any one know or have source code about using crystal
> report connecting to please help me.???
4/15/2005 9:27:51 PM

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Converting Crystal Reports 9 report to Crystal Reports .NET report
I have a web page that is supposed to display a crystal report.  The report is fully written and functional in crystal 9 (non-.Net)  .  Is there a way to convert my .rpt so that I can just include it in the new web site? why you don't try to compile project with .net and include your report. then if crystal report is power tool will suggests you with conversation tool    My blog is here.Please remember to 'Mark as Answer' if this post answered your question! Wow it really was that easy!  I just added the old crystal report into my .NET proj...

crystal reports .net -> crystal reports .net 2003
recently converted a project from .net to .net 2003. The 2 crystal reports I had in the project do not load when executing the application. The project itself within 2003 will allow me to multiplat the crystal reports, however when it comes to execution time I get the error: Invalid Data Source. If this isn't the right forum please point me to the right one as this is really the only website I know of with a large reader base. >to multiplat the crystal reports To what the crystal reports? Do you have the same database connections established and verified in your 2003 s...

Bind crystal reports / sql reports to ADO.NET
Hi,  I'm a beginner trying to find out if it's possible to directly connect an sql report/crystal report to an ADO.NET data set?   It all depends on what version of Visual studio you are using. Here are the steps for VS2005 In VS2005 you need to do the following: 1) Right click on your solution and select add, New Item. 2) Add a dataset and create your queries in the dataset. Make sure you save this dataset or it will not show up later. 3) Add your reportviewer 4) Right click on your solution and select add new Item Again and then add a crystal report 5) In the cr...

integration of Crystal Report with .NET ; crystal report viewer not displaying in Toolbox
Hi I m new to Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. I want to integrate Crystal Report with .NET. In my Toolbox , Crystal Report Viewer is not displaying. How to make it possible? + How to call my report from 2.0. Need source code plz.*Share Knowledge Every TIME Crystal Reports for .NET does not come with VWD Express.  It only comes with VS 2005 Professional (I'm not sure about the Standard edition).If you have Crystal Reports 10 or XI, you can installed the .NET libraries for Crystal and then use them within VWD Express, noting that you have to build your reports ...

VS .net 2005 Crystal reports ok to run on Crystal Reports XI?
I am getting mixed messages from the website hosting providers - some say they do not support Crystal Reports due to a $25,000 per cpu licensing fee, others say all I need to do is install Crystal Reports XI (about $500) on a dedicated server and it will run fine. Will Reports developed with the embeded Crystal Reports in VS 2005 run in a Crystal Reports XI environment? Thanks....

Cassini, VS.Net and Crystal Reports
Hi,I am working with Win XP home, Cassini and VS.Net.I would like to play with some Crystal Reports.I create the report in VS as CrystalReport1.I put a CrystalReportViewer on my web form. It does not get recognized as a defined object type but there are no build errors.When I run the app I get an error: Type 'CrystalReport1' is not defined.I have googled on this and see several things people have suggested/tried to correct this. Most I have already tried or the suggestions are not very clear to me. Then I came across a msg that instructed me to set up virtual directories for IIS for CrystalR...

Crystal Report Report on page, report formatting
Hello, I am new in 2.0 and Cristal Report, I would like to create some reports using crystal report, my question is: When I build a webpage with report created by Crystal reports, can I print only the report and be well formatted (for paper print), and if, possible, printed in pdf and other format?   Thank a lot for your useful suggestions.   Hello, any help will be very appreciated.   Thank...

Calling Crystal Reports in ASP.NET using the rptserver.asp given by Crystal Reports
Dear All,Can any one help me out to call a crystal reports designed in 8.0 version in ASP.NET ?Crystal reports has given an asp page called rptserver.asp from which we can call the crystal reports in ASP and it is working fine in ASP. After converting this to ASP.NET it is not working. I am getting an error "CRAXDRT Error Occured on Server 13 - Type Mismatch".Can any one help me on how to implement this ?Thanks and Regards,Peri...

Errors with all my reports after upgrade from Bundeled Crystal.NET (VS2003) to Crystal XI Developer for .NET
All my Crystal reports were developed using the bundled Crystal in VS 2003.  I just installed the Crystal XI for .NET Developer version that we purchased and now I get an error when running my reports.  (I am running them in debug mode on my development machine). I have tested it on several different reports.  I did not change the code, this worked fine in the previous version. First I reference my report (AccountList is the AccountList.rpt report that is in my project): Dim myReport As New AccountList Then I start rolling through the report's tables to update the log...

Novice: ASP.NET Reports Web Site or ASP.NET Crystal Reports Web Site?
Hello, Thanks for reviewing my question.  I hope this is the correct forum.  I have VS 2008 and noticed that when you create a new website you have two choices: ASP.NET Reports Web Site or ASP.NET Crystal Reports Web Site.  What's the differences?  Is one better than the other? Many Thanks Peter Crystal Reports has historically been a part of Visual Studio since way back when it was just Visual Basic.  Crystal Reports is fine, however, it is not free.  The version you get with VS is limited, so if you need the full version you will have to bu...

Hi All, I have a crystal report document which is opened from my 2.0 application (C# code). In the design time i fixed my date fields as MM/dd/yyyy format. but now we are going to implement the project in different culture. so now i need to change the format of date field at run time thru 2.0 (C#). Help is highly appriciated. Thanks in Advance. hi you can use the following formats if you are fecting form  DataBase SELECT Lower(CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDATE(),100)) -- May 23 2007 6:00PM SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDATE(),101) -- 05/23/2007 SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDA...

Dynamic Image in Crystal reports with ADO.NET XML
Hi I have an Image in sql server and I am creating a report from a dataset and set the datasource of the report to the dataset. All work fine but I need a dynamic image as a header in the report. Is there a way I can add the image to the dataset and then stream the image to the report.I am using CR 9.0 for the crystal reports. Also before generating the reports I set the datatsource to an xml file for the schema in the dataset for the reports.. Can any body help me with the dynamic generation of the image in crystal report. Thanks....

How to pass oracle connection string to crystal report in .net
hi all i am using reportdocument  class  of crystal report i have oracle connection string , i need to pass this connection dtring to reportdocument  ...   regards rajesh         Actually there is no need to set seperate connectionstring for crystal report, in your case you fetch some records from DB and fill into the Dataset afterwards you just pass the DataSet.Tables[0] into DataSource property of the crystal report.If this post is answer of your question then don't forgot to Click Mark As Answer...

ASp.NET and VB.NET and VS.NET 2003 crystal report
hi..i managed to do the crystal report thing.. but i haveone problem.... i get this error whlie i try to run the app. : Server Error in '/Report' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logon failed. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.LogOnException: Logon failed. Source Error: An unhandled exc...

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