what happens after an error?

Can anyone tell me a general rule -- if there is one -- about whether a 
procedure or trigger will continue after an error, or will halt execution 
and rollback after an error?

For an example, see the following code (part of a proc):

  //situation 1
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (1)
  //next line will generate error 233, severity 16, and rollback
  //the previous line(s)
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (null)
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (2)
  //net result -- no records added to table

  //situation 2
SELECT @nul = null
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (1)
  //next line will generate error 515, severity 16, but continue
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (@nul)
INSERT fred (non_null_int_column) VALUES (2)
  //net result -- two records added to table

I realize technically why these two situations behave the way they do: one 
is a Sequencer error and one is a Query Processor error, and they are 
handled differently even though they are the same error. My question is: 
how can I know what errors will allow execution to continue, and what 
errors will not?

Thanks in advance
Gary B.
2/14/2003 3:52:15 PM
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was this a really dumb question, or does no one know the answer?

Gary B.
2/17/2003 6:20:30 PM
Gary_B wrote...
> was this a really dumb question, or does no one know the answer?

Um, not a dumb question.  But the scenario you paint is not likely one that I would 
encounter because I would be checking all the errors and handling them anyhow regardless of 
the severity/error.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]

2/26/2003 12:37:05 AM

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