Urgent: Unable to view application DB tables at front end...DB is Sybase


As per my previous query and Jeff's answer nd questions on
that, I am providng the ansers below:

You're using SQuirreL SQL Client, you mean? Which version of
SQL Client? Which JDBC driver are you using to access SQL
Anywhere and
how have you set up the JDBC settings?

Which version and build of SQL Anywhere are you using? (e.g.
dbsrv11 -v)

I am using SQuirreL SQL Client version 2.6.3.
Sybase driver I am using is com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver
Sybase version is 15.0.2

I am unable to look at table names in the hierarchy
Please help.


Hello Manich,

On 02/12/2010 4:50 AM, Manich wrote:
> When I am trying to expand TABLES option in any of my
> database object, I am unable to see any table. Can you
> please let me know how can this be populated.

This will be dependent upon which client you're discussing
and how this
client is configured to access table names.

> Also I wanted to know how can we create ER diagram for the
> database using Sybase anywhere tool.

This can be accomplished from Sybase Central, in version
10.0.x and up.
Once connected to a database, there is an "ER Diagram" tab
highlighting the database instance at the top of the object

> I am using SQuirreL Server to accecc the database.

You're using SQuirreL SQL Client, you mean? Which version of
SQL Client? Which JDBC driver are you using to access SQL
Anywhere and
how have you set up the JDBC settings?

Which version and build of SQL Anywhere are you using? (e.g.
dbsrv11 -v)

And one thing is as I am working on this application with a
client, so I can not upgrade he versions ofany s/w to higher
one until client demands for it. Looking for a solution from
the existing ones.

12/20/2010 7:23:38 AM
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