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01 February 2003: Recent updates at

This month's ASE quiz question is about a really simple 
piece of T-SQL code I wrote recently... and took  
much longer than it should have...

The stored procedure 'sp_restart_server' has been revitalised.
It will now work with 'sqsh', run on Linux-based ASE, and also
works for ASE 12.0 and later. On NT, the scheduling has been 
In case you're wondering: 'sp_restart_server' stops, and 
automatically restarts your ASE server without further 
manual intervention -- this can be really handy!

Improved the SQL-to-XML tool (a stored proc that turns the contents
of a table into XML). An optional column list and where/order-by 
clause provide more flexibility and make it easier to format 
and manipulate the XML results. 

"The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" is now 
being used by DBAs in 46 countries around the world, from 
China to Chili and from Sweden to South Korea.
North Korean DBAs haven't made a purchase yet, but 
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Rob Verschoor

Certified Sybase Professional DBA for ASE 12.5/12.0/11.5/11.0

Author of "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide"
Online orders accepted at
Sypron B.V., P.O.Box 10695, 2501HR Den Haag, The Netherlands

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