Query and Sub-Queries

I have a SELECT statement that has two sub queries in it.  The 'where' 
clause in the main query filters a TRADE_DATE field, for example: ...... 
where TRADE_DT  >= '2003/01/01' and TRADE_DT  <= '2003/01/31'.

Since I only have one date field(TRADE_DATE), I want the sub-query to query 
where TRADE_DT  <= '2003/01/31'.  But its not working.  I have to hard code 
the '2003/01/31'.  Now I know I can make a dynamic view in VB, but an ideas 
of how  I can do it in SQL?  Here's my statement:

    (select sum(COMMISSION) from Trade  where SOFT_TRADE = 1 
    TRADE_DT  >= '2003/01/01' and TRADE_DT  <= '2003/01/31') AS 
    (select sum(COMMISSION) from Trade  where SOFT_TRADE = 1 
     TRADE_DT  <= '2003/01/31' ) AS SOFT_COMMISSIONS_TO_DATE
    from dbo.Trade T,dbo.Broker B where SOFT_ELIGIBLE in(1,-1) and 
T.BROKER_SEQ_NO = 6000031
    and T.TRADE_DT  >= '2003/01/01' and T.TRADE_DT <= '2003/01/31'
3/21/2003 5:38:13 PM
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