Please change the name of PowerBuilder to something that is
more publicly enticing.  For instance, NetBuilder Pro,
NetBuilder Deluxe, NetBuilder Gold, or something of the

1/24/2004 5:00:57 PM
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Hi Ryan,
How about writing to "s.p.powerbuilder.futures_discussions" forum ?
By the way, i think that they are about to call it "4GL plus".

<Ryan Putnam> a �crit dans le message de
> Hi,
> Please change the name of PowerBuilder to something that is
> more publicly enticing.  For instance, NetBuilder Pro,
> NetBuilder Deluxe, NetBuilder Gold, or something of the
> sort.
> Thanks,
> Ryan

1/26/2004 3:18:09 PM

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Hi, Has anyone seen the article in computerworld issue of sep 27th 1999 - The Future of Powerbuilder? Looks like it is time to jump out of the ship! Thanks Bala wrote in message <#AImoYME$GA.270@forums.sybase.com>... >Hi, > >Has anyone seen the article in computerworld issue of sep 27th 1999 - >The Future of Powerbuilder? >Looks like it is time to jump out of the ship! Except you should not believe everything you read. I remember the mutterings after PB 6.5 and currently Sybase is shipping EAS which PB 7.0 forms part of. Again I was at Sybase TechW...

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Hi, Has anyone seen the article in computerworld issue of sep 27th 1999 - The Future of Powerbuilder? Looks like it is time to jump out of the ship! Thanks ComputerWorld!!! What a piece of .... I haven't read the article, but I don't have to. I had a subscription to ComputerWorld once. ComputerWorld was one of the biggest fans of the Apple is dead movement. Guess they were wrong there... The journalism in that magazine is terrible. Over the course of a year subscription, I read most of the articles for about six months. Then I threw it away until the subscription ...

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I am looking for opinions and viewpoints. I think Powerbuilder has 2 distinct and quite different markets. The small to medium sized software market and corporate IT market. In the software market where results are easy to measure on the bottom line I think PB is doing just fine. The productivity, efficiency and swift development process suites that market just fine. Just keep your customers happy. I am amazed at what I have seen in PB based software packages considering the total lack of documentation. That speaks volume on the capabilities of PB if you just get into it. O...

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I wonder what is the future of PB. I have just saw an article which Jhon Chen (Sybase CEO) says the following: According to Chen the company had become over-diversified, and lost sight of its core competencies. "A lot of our businesses were very inefficient," he explains. "I was asking, 'why are you doing this?' You know we had an SAP consulting business - what for? We had a product that competed with Microsoft Visual Basic - what for? I had to get rid of some bits and pieces." In my understanding, the only Sybase product that have competed with VB is...

i am in Powerbuilder for past 4 Years.....currently i am in india. But my projects are in my last 4 years almost maintenance & migration to advanced techniques...almost zero development and the sad news is ,powerbuilder developers are very less when compared to advance techniques... u know the PB versions are also coming yearly once & introducing new concepts also almost not useful(i discussed with lot of PB developers almost they are not using the advance techniques) so everybody is going slowly out of PB technology... In india last few years Pb usage is re...

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That subject line should get your attention. <g> I'm very pleased with the participation in this group. We've obviously provided a well for a very thirsty group of developers! As you may or may not know, PB 9 is about to go into Beta and the feature set has pretty much been frozen. I know a lot of these requests are for very useful features and hopefully many will some day be incorporated into PB. I don't know what can be done for PB 9 at this point. Just don't want to falsely get people's hopes up. What I would like to do, is raise the discussion to a h...

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Hello! Earlier this year, I came across an article in one of the weekly industry newspapers that stated that Sybase was telling major customers that PowerBuilder will be discontinued after version 8.0. (I can't remember which newspaper had the story and I can't seem locate it by doing a Google search. But I'm not making this up - I really did see it.) At the PowerBuilder Information Site ( www.justpbinfo.com ) I came across the following article: ------------------------------------------------ The Future of PowerBuilder Is there life after PowerBuilder 8? Rum...

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In a recent article http://www.cbronline.com/content/COMP/magazine/Articles/Features/PowerBase.asp "Chen's mantra is that the company must be good in every market it operates in. If it isn't, he either redoubles its efforts or gets out of that space." So which does Chen plan to do with ASE? Perhaps he'll address this at TechWave? Sounds like Jack Welsh @ GE. He sold off small appliances which everyone said he should not do because thay were the identity of the company. "Carl Kayser" <kayser_c@bls.gov> wrote in message news:42e...

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Hello Every one!!, Could any body tell me for how long the demand for powerbuilder programmer exists... the recent trend shows everything is going on to be web dependendent. I'm bit worried ab't security of my job.. i'm with PB since the release of Ver.4.0.. and bit reluctant to leave PB now. could anybody suggest me whether should i move on to Java or simillar techonologies or should i get along with PB?? Please respond to me... Thanks!! Regards, Dhawan. It never hurts to expand your skillset by picking up new languages. PowerBuilder is still going strong, Syb...

Could it be possible to take scripts from ASA and load them in an ASE Any information is welcome jean-fran�ois ASA supports a fairly large sub-set of Transact-SQL, so if you write your stored procedures and triggers in ASA using T-SQL, you should be able to create scripts that will run against both ASE and ASA. If you're planning to do this though, I would suggest developing your database schema against ASA, since everything you write in T-SQL in ASA will be supported on ASE, but the reverse is not true. Check out the section in the ASA documentation entitled "Tra...

Hi, Is anyone out there doing ASE to ASE replication using SQL remote? If you are have created your own version of the SSEXTRACT utility to set up a replicant database in ASE rather than ASA? Or does anyone know if SYBASE has created a version SSEXTRACT for use with ASE to ASE replication? Thanks in advance Doug Trainer Hi Douglas, I thought the SQL Remote Replication support in ASE11.5 was meant for a consolidate-database only (by design)! At least that was what Sybase said when they announced support for SQL Remote technology support in ASE11.5. I will be happy to...

What are the differents in terms of configuring SQL Remote Between ASA to ASE and ASE To ASE ? You should start with the Help file and then ask specific questions: Data Replication with SQL Remote PART 5. Appendix APPENDIX A. Enterprise and Anywhere: Differences There are many differences, so begin there. -- David Fishburn Sybase Please only post to the newsgroup BH Ong <bhong@tm.net.my> wrote in message news:01bf4b98$33183580$7ccdc8c8@virtual-branch... > What are the differents in terms of configuring SQL Remote Between ASA to > ASE and ASE To ASE ...

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Someone from IBM put a sniffer on their network, and they noticed that their powerbuilder app. would quite often have a few timeouts before connecting to ASE 11.9.2. I believe there is an ASE server parameter that defines the amount of time for the server to wait before sending a message back to disconnect, along with the number of retries, but he was wondering if there is something in powerbuilder? (I'm trying to find the ASE end of it, but having difficulty...it's something that goes into the interfaces file.) They are using PB 7.0.02...they are using open client on ...

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