Upgrade 11.5 to 11.9


We've just upgraded our 11.5 servers to 11.9 and all seemed to go OK. We've 
found afterwards, however that transactions on some of the databases would 
apparently hang and eventually fill up the transaction logs. I've tried 
dropping and recreating the indexes and triggers but this does not fix the 
problem. The steps involved in the upgrade were to create the new server, 
devices and databases and then load from dumps of the old version.

Can you suggest any reason why this would happen, as at present we have had 
to restore to version 11.5

11/1/2001 10:27:45 AM
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The most obvious reason is that after the upgrade different query plans are 
being generated. If some of them are particularly dodgy and result in 
substantially increased execution time then transactions may be lasting 
much longer than before and as a result the transaction log can't be 
emptied as quickly as before the upgrade. The log can only be dumped up to 
point of the first uncompleted transaction, even completed transactions 
that have occurred after a long running uncompleted transaction started 
cannot be dumped, so all it takes is one long running transaction to 
prevent the log from being dumped.

This situation generally occurs because some part of the optimiser's 
internals or statistics storage may have changed in the new version and 
query plans are being evaluated slightly differently. However, a dodgy 
query plan is still almost always the result of a sub-optimally written 
query in the first place so you need to track these down and make 
appropiate changes. 
To do this, upgrade in a development environment and use the sp_showplan 
procedure to extract the query plans causing the problems. Analyse these 
and see if the queries/procedures can be changed to prevent the dodgy 
11/1/2001 3:11:36 PM
Thanks for that, BUT we first noticed this from using one of our 
applications. I thought something particularly complex may be happening, so 
I tries a simple single row insert into the suspect table, and we still had 
the hanging then filling of the transaction logs. Could the query plan 
theory still apply this being the case.

11/1/2001 4:19:10 PM
If a simple straight insert through isql (or similar) is 'hanging' then the 
query plan problem may still be the case but with the dodgy plans being 
generated by your triggers. 
If there are no triggers involved then I'm stumped. 

11/1/2001 5:14:12 PM

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