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02 June 2002: Recent updates at

This month's ASE quiz question features a math problem.
Test your combined math/SQL skills at

A new certification exam for ASE 12.5 was released
in May 2002. Some info about this exam was added to

Grant Queenin kindly suggested some improvements
to the SQL-to-XML tool which was added last month.
The latest version is at

Some further troubleshooting tips about ASE Replicator
were added.
(NB: ASE Replicator is the new, and free, light-weight
data replication tool that's included with ASE

"The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" is getting
ever more popular with DBAs and developers around the world.
The book can still be ordered online at

Rob Verschoor

Certified Sybase Professional DBA for ASE 12.0/11.5/11.0

Author of "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide"
Online orders accepted at

snail Sypron B.V., P.O.Box 10695, 2501HR Den Haag, The Netherlands

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