number of aux scan descriptor


Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.0.1/EBF 14374 ESD#3/P/Sun_svr4/OS 
5.8/ase1501/2410/64-bit/FBO/Thu Apr 19 14:00:44 2007

We are frequently getting "number of aux scan descriptor" errors. stating 
required numbers are not there

eg: This query requires 32 auxiliary scan descriptors, but currently there 
are only 30 auxiliary scan descriptors available. Either raise the value of 
the 'number of aux scan descriptors' configuration parameter or try your 
query later.

sp_monitorconfig gives incorrect results

1> sp_monitorconfig "number of aux scan descriptors"
2> go
Usage information at date and time: Dec  2 2010  1:50AM.

 Name                      Num_free    Num_active  Pct_act Max_Used 
 ------------------------- ----------- ----------- ------- ----------- -----------
 number of aux scan descri        4000           0   0.00            0 
(return status = 0)

how to overcome this issue?


12/2/2010 12:50:36 AM
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