Re: [wxperl-users] wxperl on MacOSX

> Hello
> Tough I'm a bit in doubt 
> whether wxperl will work on the mac (primarily MacOSX, MacOS9 would 
> be cool too)?
There are various problems:
1 - I don't have a Mac, so someone else shoild work on it
    ( any takers? ;-) )
2 - wxWindows on MacOS X is still not as stable as the Windows/GTK 
    ports, though it is progressing steadily, and the developers are
    generally very responsive WRT bugreports; on MacOS 9 it should
    be pretty stable though
3 - On MacOS 9 you need to use Codewarrior which isn't free

If you want to give it a try to port wxPerl to MacOS, I'll be glad to
help you as much as possible. I know almost nothing about Perl on
Mac, but hearing that OS X is very Unix-ish, it should not be too 
hard. Anyway if you want to try the port, use the wxWindows'
developement branch ( 2.3.1 ), or the CVS head.

> I want to create a rather simple gui: create popup dialogs on top of 
> the desktop (maybe floating windows). It's for a networked message 
> application. It should pop up a window if it receives a message.
> carbon, but wxperl seems much more comfortable and if I can save the 
> porting work - even better.
I'm afraid you'll need some work to port it

> One important thing that I'm not clear about is the event handling: 
> I'm using nonblocking networking code (uses select() currently), so 
> somehow I need either to get an event from wxwindows' event handler 
> (?) or maybe will have to build an own event loop? Maybe as an ugly 
> workaround solution short timeouts (~0.2sec) in both loops and then 
> alternating them would be enough.
wxWindows has wxSocket, which is integrated with the wxWindows' event
system (i.e. you have an EVT_SOCKET macro to fire an event handler
when something happens ).
However you could as well try using a timer, with minimal 
modification of your code; it really depends upon your
exact requirements.


1/23/2014 1:01:01 AM
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