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we both assumed too negative, please look here:

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Re: [wxperl-users] Re: wxperl
yes !! its really time to help more mattia. things i could offer are beside bug reports is to help to buil a better brwosable doku, this is one of my long time wish so are so. herbert "Graciliano M. P." <> schrieb am 11.12.04 03:29:27: > > > hey all, > > > > I just tried downloading the cvs snapshot, Wx-0.20, Wx-0.19, and Wx-0.18 > > and trying to install them on solaris (without luck). I tried both > wxAll-2.4.2 > > and wxWidgets-2.5.3. > > > > Furthermore, I went to the wikis for more in...

Fwd: wxPerl on the Mac; was: [wxperl-users] Re: problems with wxPerl
>To: Jouke Visser <>, >From: Christian Jaeger <> >Subject: wxPerl on the Mac; was: [wxperl-users] Re: problems with wxPerl >Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 23:08:19 +0100 > >Hello, > >I'm crossposting this reply to the macosx-perl mailing list because >there is some interest, too. Actually I forgot to put the macosx-perl adress on it. >At 14:02 Uhr +0200 24.9.2001, Jouke Visser wrote: >>I wondered if anyone yet tried to compile wxPerl on a Mac. If not, I'...

RE: [wxperl-users] wxPerl and Printing
VB users would rate things like Active Reports and VPE (Virtual Print = Engine). Both very capable systems and better than Crystal for many = uses, but obviously depends on your ability to use ActiveX controls in = your project. =20 Ed W -----Original Message----- From: Mark Wardell [] Sent: 13 August 2003 11:42 To: Subject: [wxperl-users] wxPerl and Printing Hi All, This is a fairly broad topic, but I am interested to hear what experiences other users have had with printing from wxPerl applications, as well...

Re: [wxperl-users] wxperl on MacOSX
> Hello Hello > Tough I'm a bit in doubt > whether wxperl will work on the mac (primarily MacOSX, MacOS9 would > be cool too)? There are various problems: 1 - I don't have a Mac, so someone else shoild work on it ( any takers? ;-) ) 2 - wxWindows on MacOS X is still not as stable as the Windows/GTK ports, though it is progressing steadily, and the developers are generally very responsive WRT bugreports; on MacOS 9 it should be pretty stable though 3 - On MacOS 9 you need to use Codewarrior which isn't free If you want to give it a tr...

Re: [wxperl-users] wxPerl on wxX11 ?
Hello, > is it possible to compile wxPerl on wxX11 rather than on wxGTK ? It should be possible. > If yes, will it be functional ? As functional as wxX11 itself, I guess. Regards Mattia ...

RE: [wxperl-users] MozEmbed and WxPerl
I have tested the Mozilla ActiveX plugin using the Wx::ActiveX module = and it works (have google in a Wx right now). =20 =20 Since I haven't gotten around to fixing the Wx::ActiveX module (as per a = discussion some time ago), you would need to use the Win32::OLE = compatible object from GetOLE() for some of the method and property = calls. =20 Unfortunately, as with all things ActiveX, it is Windows centric and may = not be what you are looking for. =20 Anyway, the Wx::ActiveX::Mozilla package would look something like this: =20 package Wx::ActiveX::Mozilla; use Wx::ActiveX...

[wxperl-users] wxPerl Wiki => wxPerl Kwiki
Hello all, Once upon a time I installed a Wiki, called it the wxPerl Wiki and didn't look at it anymore. I noticed that only a few people use it, it's been hacked a few times, and to make it work, at least yours truly should put more time and effort in it. This morning I started installing Kwiki, which is a far better Wiki platform than the Wiki that was installed. Apart from the UserPreferences page (working on it), everything works as it should. However, the data people entered in the old Wiki can't be converted to Kwiki automatically. Therefore I need your ...

RE: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl
Mattia, Thanks, as usual, for the to-the-point and quick support! If/when I manage to produce a useful validator, I would be more than happy to submit it. Currently I'm still getting my head round how everything fits together! James > -----Original Message----- > From: Mattia Barbon [] > Sent: 13 December 2001 11:04 > To: > Subject: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl >=20 >=20 > > Dear Mattia, > > I would like to use validators in my Perl application, but=20 ...

Re:[wxperl-users] Re: wxPerl 0.23 release
> Mattia Barbon <> writes: > > > On Tue, 28 J= un 2005 22:44:29 +0200 Johan Vromans <> wrote:=0D = > > Under Windows the change in the default font is to > > be expected= .. > > I'm using Fedora Core 2... :-) I suppose I could not be m= ore wrong... Anyway: the font change looks like a GTK+ 1.2 vs 2.x ch= ange. For the button width you should try the wxBU_EXACTFIT style fo= r the buttons that need to be smaller than standard buttons. HTH=0D = Mattia =0A=0A=0A...

RE: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl
Dear Mattia (or others, if they can help), I've been delving into how to use wxValidators, and I think I understand the concept (and I like it!). However, I'm having real trouble deriving my own validator (called, unimaginitively, myValidator) from Wx::PlValidator. >From the wxWindows documentation, all validators must implement a Clone method. I have tried implementing a Clone method, which I can see getting called, but myValidator's Validate, TransferFromWindow, and TransferToWindow never seem to get called. Here is my code (with the methods apart from Clone do...

RE: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl #3
> wxTextValidator is OK for Perl, while wxGenericValidator does > 1 - use overloading > wxGV construtor takes one of a int/bool/string/integer array > (C++) pointer ( think Perl references ), but in Perl > int/string/bool map to scalar. Yes, I think a Perl-implemented GenericValidator can just take the address of the variable to/from which to deposit/get data, and can handle it appropriately internally by checking the reference type. > 2 - there is no NumericValidator ( or whatever you want to call it ) > one that does a text->number conversio...

RE: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl #2
Dear Mattia, Thanks - this works a treat! I was so close... Anyway, now I'm up and running. I had noticed the 'Attempt to free unreferenced...' error - will await a fix. Now that I've got things working, what do you suggest/would you like? I feel that validators are the way to go when it comes to transferring data to/from controls (rather than explicit GetValue/SetValue calls all over the place) - I have had to implement a similar concept (though not as elegant) in a very large Perl/Tk application which we have developed. I see that you think we should create...

RE: [wxperl-users] Re: wxValidator available via wxPerl #4
Mattia, > > Yes, I think a Perl-implemented GenericValidator can just take the > > address of the variable to/from which to deposit/get data, and can > > handle it appropriately internally by checking the reference type. > the trouble is that in perl you can only have scalar references, > so you need a flag to tell the class you want a number/string/bool > transferred Good point. I think I'll use the 'flag' approach. This has approach has been used elsewhere (in Win32::API, I think), so I'll try to be consistent with other modules. =20 ...

Re:[wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.24
Hello, > I hope to have it uploaded by tomorrow. Now uploaded= .. Share and enjoy Mattia =0A=0A=0A=0A_______________________________= _____________________________=0A6X velocizzare la tua navigazione a 56k? = 6X Web Accelerator di Libero!=0AScaricalo su INTERNET GRATIS 6X http://ww= ...

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