Re: [wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.49_01

> There are a few files missing from Wx-0.49_01.tar.gz. (I grabbed it off=

> pause)
> 1. the whole of directory \ext\media
> 2. \ext\datetime\XS\DateSpan.xsp
> 3. \ext\datetime\XS\TimeSpan.xsp

  Fixed. Also fixed the #ifdefs for wxLaunchDefaultBrowser
(it is a bug in xsubpp). 0.49_02 being uploaded to PAUSE as I write.


4/16/2006 6:57:01 PM
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Hello, this is te first beta release depending on Alien::wxWidgets. You should be able to install wxPerl from CPAN even if wxWidgets is not installed yet (provided you have a compiler, of course): Alien::wxWidgets will ask if you want to build wxWidgets from sources. Regards Mattia Mattia, There are a few files missing from Wx-0.49_01.tar.gz. (I grabbed it off pause) 1. the whole of directory \ext\media 2. \ext\datetime\XS\DateSpan.xsp 3. \ext\datetime\XS\TimeSpan.xsp Once these are added from CVS, the build works fine for me (VC6 , wxWidgets 2.6.3) with &#...

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[ sorry for the formatting ] Hello, > Sorry to be the first to po= st a downer, but I'm still having trouble > building my application usin= g perlapp if I use any 2.6 version of Wx :( Which Windows version is= it? > I've narrowed it down to Wx::Html. If I do a 'use Wx::Html' it= won't > build and I get the error dialog shown at > http://dazz.afoyi.= com/stuff/wxperl_html_error.png Another user (with an older wxPerl v= ersion) reported a crash on exit on Win95 with PerlApp. No idea if this=0D = is related. Regards Matti...

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Hello, > I tried to compile wxPerl CVS against 2.6.0 and I got the = errors as below. > > I am compiling on WinXP using MSVC6. Should this = work? Have others > successfully compiled? Yes, but with MSVC 5 and= GCC (various versions), not MSVC 6. Are you up to date with MSVC servic= e packs? > C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe C:\Perl\lib\ExtUtils/xsubpp = -noprototypes > -nolinen <snip> > Grid.c(390) : warning C4189: 'CLAS= S' : local variable is initialized but not > referenced > Grid.c(464) := fatal error C1001: INTERNA...

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Hello, > Well, I have 0.25 with wxWidgets 2.6.1 up and running now, = and I'm > trying to find out what I have to change to make it all work = again. Partly my error. Sorry. > First thing I ran into, was that= AAC::Pvoice::Panel used Wx::Panel's > Clear method, which doesn't seem= to exist anymore. Commenting it out > worked fine. Use ClearBackg= round() for the same effect. > However, something that doesn't work an= ymore and should work according > to the docs is the wxHIDE_READONLY st= yle for Wx::FileDialog. The err...

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Hello, > I'm very interested in using this for 10.4/Tiger, but I'm a= little > worried about how it will "play nice" with the existing wxWi= dgets > install (2.5.3 or 2.5.4 I think) that comes with Tiger. Do yo= u know 2.5.3. > whether those .pkg files will overwrite anythin= g? I have not checked (stupid me). However the wxWidgets package in= stalls the libraries under /usr/local and the wxWidgets binaries are def= initely not there (and if they were they would have a different name). I= have no idea about the wxPerl shippe...

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Hello, in general, it is a good idea to send questions to (CCd); I have limited connectivity these days. > I've tried to build and install wxPerl 0.26, but have come across a > compilation error. My system is Mandriva Linux 10.2. I have wxGTK 2.5.3= > installed. 'make' ran very cleanly until it got to compiling Constant.c= .. > The output is shown below: > > Constant.c: In function `double constant(const char*, int)': > Constant.c:640: error: `wxBUFFER_VIRTUAL_AREA' undeclared (first use th= is >...

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Bugs item #1460615, was opened at 2006-03-29 13:56 Message generated for change (Tracker Item Submitted) made by Item Submitter You can respond by visiting: Please note that this message will contain a full copy of the comment thread, including the initial issue submission, for this request, not just the latest update. Category: None Group: None Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 5 Submitted By: Manuel Renz (pfuschi) Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody) Summary: EVT_GRID_CMD_...

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