Re: [wxperl-users] Re: wxperl

yes !!
its really time to help more mattia. 
things i could offer are beside bug reports is to help to buil a better brwosable doku,
this is one of my long time wish so are so.


"Graciliano M. P." <> schrieb am 11.12.04 03:29:27:
>  > hey all,
> >
> > I just tried downloading the cvs snapshot, Wx-0.20, Wx-0.19, and Wx-0.18
> > and trying to install them on solaris (without luck). I tried both
> wxAll-2.4.2
> > and wxWidgets-2.5.3.
> >
> > Furthermore, I went to the wikis for more information, and noticed that
> they've
> > been spammed, and according to the mailing list, they have been so for the
> last
> > couple weeks or so..
> >
> > So - is wxperl still being supported? And could someone point me in the
> direction
> > of a wxPerl that can compile on solaris?
> YES!
> I think that for now the work of wxPerl will be much more about make it 100%
> stable in all the plataforms than just wrap new classes, since we already
> have a lot of resources wrapped.
> Mattia is always working and in the other side of the line to answer our
> questions. But I think that now the community that uses wxPerl need to start
> to make much more tests, reports and patches, since now the work can't
> continue to be done alone by Mattia. Of course that we have the folks that
> help in many places, specially for the extensions, like STC, but we know
> that almost part of the job is done by mattia, specially the hard part.
> For me wxPerl is a great tool, since Perl enable us to create fast programs
> and let us to put an GUI on it that is also portable like Perl. The value of
> this is enormous, since we only need to write the application one time and
> we have an app that works in many OS. Also is much more fast to develop and
> fix things, since Perl is much better to maintain than an other languages.
> >
> > Thanks much,
> >
> > Ed
> Regards,
> Graciliano M. P.
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