Citrus and Cava

As many of you know, Mart Dootson created Citrus Perl, a perl distribution
for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX, specially targetted at development of
(commercial) applications. A.o., it includes wxPerl and database drivers.

He also created Cava Packager, a sophisticated wxPerl tool to create
packaged (wx)Perl applications. One button customer installs without

Unfortunately, Mark decided to discontinue these products. Even more
unfortunately, this happened shortly before he was to release open source
versions of both products.

I think it would be very beneficial for the (wx)Perl world if Citrus and
Cava could be rejuvenated. There are no comparable alternatives, especially
for packaging. I've done a number of attempts with no success. Maybe
someone else has more luck?

-- Johan
4/11/2016 8:36:05 AM
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