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Figured I'd brush up on the compiler toolkit described at http://www.parrot= appears to be out of date=
...  For example, you cannot run 'make test'.  Reading the README which is ge=
nerated with 'perl tools/dev/ SomeLang' doesn't help be=
cause it refers me to non-existent files.  Anyone know about about this are=
a and can fix up a few things so people can dive back into writing compiler=
s?=0A=0A =0ACheers,=0AOvid=0A--=0ABuy the book         - http://www.oreilly= blog            -
urnal/=0ATwitter              - Perl=
 6 Wiki -

11/24/2009 2:52:34 PM
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----- Original Message ----=0A=0A> From: Fran=E7ois Perrad <francois.perrad=>=0A=0A> the mantra is :=0A> $ parrot setup.pir=0A> $ parrot setup=
...pir test=0A=0AAfter successfully building and installing Parrot on my Mac,=
 the "parrot setup.pir" still fails badly.=0A=0Aparrot $ parrot --version=
=0AThis is Parrot version 1.8.0-devel built for i386-darwin.=0ACopyright (C=
) 2001-2009, Parrot Foundation.=0A=0AThis code is distributed under the ter=
ms of the Artistic License 2.0.=0AFor more details, see the full text of th=
e license in the LICENSE file=0Aincluded in the Parrot source tree.=0A=0Apa=
rrot  $ perl tools/dev/ checkit=0Acreating checkit/=0Ac=
reating checkit/README=0Acreating checkit/Configure.pir=0Acreating checkit/=
setup.pir=0Acreating checkit/PARROT_REVISION=0Ano ops: skipping checkit/src=
/ops/ pmc: skipping checkit/src/pmc/ =
checkit/ doc: skipping checkit/doc/checkit.pod=0Ano doc: sk=
ipping checkit/doc/running.pod=0Ano dynext: skipping checkit/dynext/.ignore=
=0Acreating checkit/checkit/=0Acreating checkit/checkit/.ignore=0Acreating =
checkit/checkit.pir=0Acreating checkit/src/=0Acreating checkit/src/checkit.=
pir=0Acreating checkit/src/parser/=0Acreating checkit/src/parser/
=0Acreating checkit/src/parser/ checkit/src/parse=
r/ pmc: skipping checkit/src/pmc/checkit.pmc=0Ano ops: skipp=
ing checkit/src/ops/checkit.ops=0Acreating checkit/src/builtins.pir=0Acreat=
ing checkit/src/builtins/=0Acreating checkit/src/builtins/say.pir=0Acreatin=
g checkit/t/=0Acreating checkit/t/00-sanity.t=0Aparrot  $ cd checkit/=0Ache=
ckit  $ ls=0AConfigure.pir   PARROT_REVISION checkit         setup.pir     =     README          checkit.pir     src=0Acheckit  $ parr=
ot setup.pir =0A/usr/local/bin/parrot=0A/usr/local/lib/parrot/1.8.0-devel/l=
ibrary/PGE/Perl6Grammar.pbc=0A--output=3Dsrc/gen_grammar.pir  src/parser/gr=
lib/parrot/1.8.0-devel/languages/nqp/nqp.pbc --target=3Dpir=0A--output=3Dsr=
c/gen_actions.pir  src/parser/ -o xyz/xyz=
...pbc src/xyz.pir=0AError reading source file src/xyz.pir.=0A/usr/local/bin/=
parrot -o xyz.pbc xyz.pir=0AError reading source file xyz.pir.=0A/usr/local=
/bin/pbc_to_exe xyz.pbc --install=0AUnable to open filehandle from path 'xy=
z.pbc'=0Acurrent instr.: 'generate_code_gcc' pc 496 (tools/dev/pbc_to_exe.p=
ir:298)=0Acalled from Sub 'main' pc -1 ((unknown file):-1)=0Astrip installa=
ble_xyz=0Astrip: can't open file: installable_xyz (No such file or director=
y)=0A=0A =0ACheers,=0AOvid=0A--=0ABuy the book         - http://www.oreilly= blog            -
urnal/=0ATwitter              - Perl=
 6 Wiki -

11/24/2009 3:42:45 PM
I authored the thing, but dont' have time and tuits to update it,
unfortunately, sorry.

I think pmichaud was planning to write a new tutorial. we should
consider whether it's worth the effort to update the old one. If so,
the best way would be to go through each episode, and see what
changed, and change that accordingly.

sorry again, but I'm up the walls for the next few months due to deadlines.


On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Ovid
<> wrote:
> Figured I'd brush up on the compiler toolkit described at http://www.parr=
> It appears to be out of date.. =A0For example, you cannot run 'make test'=
.. =A0Reading the README which is generated with 'perl tools/dev/mk_language= SomeLang' doesn't help because it refers me to non-existent files=
.. =A0Anyone know about about this area and can fix up a few things so peopl=
e can dive back into writing compilers?
> Cheers,
> Ovid
> --
> Buy the book =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 -
> Tech blog =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0-
> Twitter =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0-
> Official Perl 6 Wiki -
11/24/2009 6:56:53 PM

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