[svn:parrot-pdd] r21146 - trunk/docs/pdds/draft

Author: allison
Date: Sat Sep  8 14:25:24 2007
New Revision: 21146


[pdd] Add a reference to a PerlMonks thread about concurrency.

Modified: trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd25_concurrency.pod
--- trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd25_concurrency.pod	(original)
+++ trunk/docs/pdds/draft/pdd25_concurrency.pod	Sat Sep  8 14:25:24 2007
@@ -1021,6 +1021,9 @@
 Sept. 2005 - "consider using OS threads"
+Aug. 2007 - "multi-threading a work in progress"
 Concurrency as Futures -
9/8/2007 9:25:24 PM
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