re: [PATCH] Move Win32::* functions from win32/win32.c to ext/Win32/Win32.xs

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> patch2.diff moves the Win32::* functions into the ext/Win32 module and
> adds forwarder functions to load the module at runtime on first use:
>  static void
>  forward(pTHX_ const char *function)
>  {
>      dXSARGS;
>      Perl_load_module(aTHX_ PERL_LOADMOD_NOIMPORT, newSVpvn("Win32",5), NULL);
>      PUSHMARK(SP-items);
>      call_pv(function, GIMME_V);
>  }

It just occurred to me that Perl_load_module might move the stack,
so there should be a call to SPAGAIN before using the local stack
pointer again.

A quick search through bleadperl shows that ext/Storable/Storable.xs
should get similar treatment.

The attached patch also increments the version number and
updates the forwarder to require at least this version.  Otherwise
we could end up in an infinite loop if the user replaces the Win32
module with an older version.


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12/10/2006 7:47:58 PM
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