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Referring to a cgi script within a cgi script.
--=====================_16295211==_.ALT Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed Hello all, This is my first post, so bear with me. I have a form that activates a cgi script that scans a flat-file *.csv file, matches on a unique identifier, identifies the line that contains the identifier, and pushes the separated values of that line into an array. I want to pass those values into another (second) cgi script, but I don't know how. I made the original script display the values of the line in "text" input boxes in a web page the ...

Please tell the folks who run that they might as well not list as it hasn't been updated since 2005. I would tell them, but I have trouble contacting administrators. -- Original From still blocked. On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 3:29 PM, <> wrote: > Please tell the folks who run > > that they might as well not list >

CGI Script to annoy script kiddies.
I just put together this script to annoy script kiddies looking for cmd.exe on my Linux-based web server. Just wanted to know what people thought about its security. AFAIK, it's pretty safe. Also, new commands and responses are appreciated. - Carl #!/usr/bin/perl -T # # Written by Carl Fischer <> # # GNU license. # # This is a web server CGI designed to pretend to be cmd.exe # I'm not an expert in perl scripting security, so no guarantees as to its # safety. I think it's pretty safe though. # print "Content-type: t...

Forked script doesnt exec from a cgi script
--=_alternative 0030495065257557_= Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 SGkgQWxsLA0KDQpJIGFtIHRyeWluZyB0byBpbnZva2UgYSBwZXJsIHNjcmlwdCBpbiBiYWNrZ3Jv dW5kICBmcm9tIGEgY2dpIHNjcmlwdC4gQ29kZSANCnNlZW1zIHdvcmtpbmcgYXMgaSBjYW4gc2Vl IHRoZSBzY3JpcHQgZ2V0cyBpbnZva2VkIGhvd2V2ZXIgbm90aGluZyBnZXRzIA0KZXhlY3V0ZWQg ZnJvbSB0aGUgc2NyaXB0LiAoIHRoZSBzY3JpcHQgaXMgZnVuY3Rpb25pbmcgZmluZSBmcm9tIHRo ZSANCmNvbW1hbmQgcHJvbXB0KQ0KDQpIZXJlIGlzIHdoYXQgaSBoYXZlIHdyaXR0ZW4NCg0KJFNJ R3tDSExEfT0nSUdOT1JFJzsNCm15ICRwaWQ9Zm9yaygpOw0KDQojU3RhcnRpbmcgY2hpbGQNCmlm KCRwaW...

CGI Error with Bugzilla but other cgi scripts work fine
Hi, I'm looking to use Bugzilla within our organisation and I've hit a bizarre problem. I'm using Apache 1.3, mySQL on a Windows 2000 box (yes, I know, I plan on migrating to Linux as soon as the hardware becomes available). The problem is executing http://myserver/bugzilla/index.cgi generates an internal server error. I assumed it was because the server was not executing cgi scripts (which is what tells me). The bizarre thing is, I wrote a little hello world perl script called andytest.cgi and copied that into the bugzilla directory and ran it and it wo...

cgi script that will auto-submit to another cgi
Hi all, I have a script that receives certain data from an html form, processes them, then submits the processed data to another script. Problem is, I want it to do so without having to click anything anymore. It would have been easy if all the data it needs to submitted can be submitted as regular parameters -- this way I can just do a redirect with the key-value pairs included in the url. Unfortunately, one data is too long so it has to be submitted as a hidden element. So unless I missed something in my research, I cannot use redirect. Any ideas? Thanks Johann ...

Multiple .cgi scripts vs. one large script
Hello All, I was wondering if it is more efficient (in terms of speed and processor load) to have two different scripts of approximately the same size called to handle two different functions, or to have one large script handle all cgi functions using subroutines. Or perhaps these situations are equivalent. I apologize if I have just asked an unanswerable question. Thanks, Adam It depends on how you are using your scripts. The most "expensive" aspect of the files is the IO used to read them from the hard drive they reside on. If you are calling on the scripts m...

Form Script and uploading cgi scripts on the web site
I have the following queries. I am new to mac perl scripting. I have a submit button on my form. I want that when the user presses the submit button on the form. The user should arrive a new page on the browser which should say just one line of text. How do I attach the cgi script to the submit button. I am using claris homepage to develop my pages. Another question is what do I need to do so that my resulting test should come on an new html page. How to upload the cgi script/ My server has a cgi-bin directory. I created a sample html file which had a link to a sample perl s...

Script in Script
Hello guys, I am trying to run an script in a page that has an script it like this I have an html page that I add the script like <script src=> </script> when it goes to there is another script that I use with Dim Script as string Response.write Script to write but actually it doesn't work ! any idea or suggestion ,I would appreciate. I've put together a little sample for you. Hopefully, you will be able to see where your code differs from mine. default.aspx <%@ Page Langua...

cgi scripting
hi all, I am new to programming. I am learning CGI scripts in PERL. i have a iplanet server configered for cgi.... I have a simple html form with a sign-in button. On clicking this i would like to invoke a small .cgi program having these lines #!c:\perl\bin\perl.exe print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; print" This is my first program"; in the action method of the form i have correctly given the path where the .cgi is stored... The program is stored in wincgi directory and the html in the correct location. This is not working... The outputi am gett...

CGI scripts
Could anyone point me to where I can find documentation on how I can execute a cgi script using EAServer? TIA -Scott- Scott: You can't. The web engine is strictly limited to static, Java, and PowerDynamo execution. Jonathan -- Jonathan Baker eBusiness Division Sybase, Inc. <> wrote in message news:DA634D33F38BB614007D007785256B8E.007D008E85256B8E@webforums... > Could anyone point me to where I can find documentation on how I can > execute a cgi script using EAServer? > > > TIA > > -Scott- ...

from CGI to CGI
------=_NextPart_000_0013_01C1A1E1.125E2D80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hello, I have a small problem. I would like to know some function=20 to redirect the control flow from a perl CGI to another perl CGI, e.g.: CGI 1 (at some place) = CGI 2 (at -------- = = -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

CGI scripting
--0-2001634999-1244444815=:23589 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi All, I need to configure Apache web server to execute the CGI scripts (in perl). Servers has windows XP operating system. i have downloaded apache but i am not able to see any www folder in the installed dir. of apache. do i need to configure IIS on this machine? and then manualy create the cgi-bin dir. and keep the perl scripts inside that? please let me know the steps so that i can configure the same and execute perl script in web browser. Regards Irf --0-2001634999-1244444815=:23589...

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