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-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Lester [mailto:andy@petdance.com]
Sent: 03 May 2005 20:15
To: Robin Barker
Cc: 'Perl 5 Porters '
Subject: Re: [PATCH] printf.patch: Adding printf checking for gcc

> Should Porting/pumpkin.pod say something more/different about CHECK_FORMAT,
> or should it be said somewhere else?

For that matter, is there any reason to not have it on by default?


The attached patch makes CHECK_FORMAT the default.
SVf is fixed as '%-p' , replacing the invented '%_' format.

The code in sv.c only interprets '%-p' format as SVf for internal 
code, calls to C<sprintf> correctly interpret '%-p' as left-aligned 
pointer values (and I've added a test for this).

There may be some clashes with Andy's attribute patches,
so I've shipped this as soon as I could.


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--- /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/perl.h	Wed May 18 12:07:14 =
+++ perl.h=0A=
@@ -2514,20 +2514,17 @@=0A=
 #  define PERL_SET_THX(t)		PERL_SET_CONTEXT(t)=0A=
+/*  This replaces the previous %_ "hack" by the "%-p" hack=0A=
+    All that is required is that the perl source does not=0A=
+    use "%-p" or "%-<number>p" format.  These format will=0A=
+    still work in perl code.   RMB 2005/05/17=0A=
 #ifndef SVf=0A=
-#  ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
 #    define SVf "-p"=0A=
-#  else=0A=
-#    define SVf "_"=0A=
-#  endif=0A=
 #ifndef SVf_precision=0A=
-#  ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
 #    define SVf_precision(n) "-" n "p"=0A=
-#  else=0A=
-#    define SVf_precision(n) "." n "_"=0A=
-#  endif=0A=
 #ifndef SVf32=0A=
@@ -2543,19 +2540,11 @@=0A=
 #ifndef DieNull=0A=
-#  ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
 #    define DieNull Perl_vdie(aTHX_ Nullch, Null(va_list *))=0A=
-#  else=0A=
-#    define DieNull Perl_die(aTHX_ Nullch)=0A=
-#  endif=0A=
 #ifndef __attribute__format__=0A=
-#  ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
-#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z) =
-#  else=0A=
-#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z)=0A=
-#  endif=0A=
+#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z) =
 /* See http://www.ohse.de/uwe/articles/gcc-attributes.html, but=0A=
--- /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/perlio.h	Wed May 18 12:07:15 =
+++ perlio.h=0A=
@@ -210,11 +210,7 @@=0A=
 #ifndef __attribute__format__=0A=
-#  ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
-#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z) =
-#  else=0A=
-#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z)=0A=
+#    define __attribute__format__(x,y,z) =
 #ifndef NEXT30_NO_ATTRIBUTE=0A=
 #ifndef HASATTRIBUTE		/* disable GNU-cc attribute checking? */=0A=
diff -ur /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/sv.c ./sv.c=0A=
--- /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/sv.c	Wed May 18 12:07:24 2005=0A=
+++ sv.c=0A=
@@ -9222,12 +9222,10 @@=0A=
     /* no matter what, this is a string now */=0A=
     (void)SvPV_force(sv, origlen);=0A=
-    /* special-case "", "%s", and "%_" */=0A=
+    /* special-case "", "%s", and "%-p" (SVf) */=0A=
     if (patlen =3D=3D 0)=0A=
-    if (patlen =3D=3D 2 && pat[0] =3D=3D '%') {=0A=
-	switch (pat[1]) {=0A=
-	case 's':=0A=
+    if (patlen =3D=3D 2 && pat[0] =3D=3D '%' && pat[1] =3D=3D 's') =
 	    if (args) {=0A=
                 const char *s =3D va_arg(*args, char*);=0A=
 		sv_catpv(sv, s ? s : nullstr);=0A=
@@ -9238,7 +9236,9 @@=0A=
-	case '_':=0A=
+    }=0A=
+    if (patlen =3D=3D 3 && pat[0] =3D=3D '%' &&=0A=
+	pat[1] =3D=3D '-' && pat[2] =3D=3D 'p') {=0A=
 	    if (args) {=0A=
 		argsv =3D va_arg(*args, SV*);=0A=
 		sv_catsv(sv, argsv);=0A=
@@ -9246,9 +9246,6 @@=0A=
-	    /* See comment on '_' below */=0A=
-	    break;=0A=
-	}=0A=
 #ifndef USE_LONG_DOUBLE=0A=
@@ -9626,23 +9623,6 @@=0A=
 		    is_utf8 =3D TRUE;=0A=
-	    goto string;=0A=
-	case '_':=0A=
-#ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
-	format_sv:=0A=
-	    /*=0A=
-	     * The "%_" hack might have to be changed someday,=0A=
-	     * if ISO or ANSI decide to use '_' for something.=0A=
-	     * So we keep it hidden from users' code.=0A=
-	     */=0A=
-	    if (!args || vectorize)=0A=
-		goto unknown;=0A=
-	    argsv =3D va_arg(*args, SV*);=0A=
-	    eptr =3D SvPVx(argsv, elen);=0A=
-	    if (DO_UTF8(argsv))=0A=
-		is_utf8 =3D TRUE;=0A=
 	    vectorize =3D FALSE;=0A=
@@ -9653,17 +9633,21 @@=0A=
 	    /* INTEGERS */=0A=
 	case 'p':=0A=
-#ifdef CHECK_FORMAT=0A=
-	    if (left) {=0A=
+	    if (left && args) {		/* SVf */=0A=
 		left =3D FALSE;=0A=
-	        if (!width)=0A=
-		    goto format_sv;	/* %-p	-> %_	*/=0A=
-		precis =3D width;=0A=
-		has_precis =3D TRUE;=0A=
-		width =3D 0;=0A=
-		goto format_sv;		/* %-Np	-> %.N_	*/	=0A=
+		if (width) {=0A=
+		    precis =3D width;=0A=
+		    has_precis =3D TRUE;=0A=
+		    width =3D 0;=0A=
+		}=0A=
+		if (vectorize)=0A=
+		    goto unknown;=0A=
+		argsv =3D va_arg(*args, SV*);=0A=
+		eptr =3D SvPVx(argsv, elen);=0A=
+		if (DO_UTF8(argsv))=0A=
+		    is_utf8 =3D TRUE;=0A=
+		goto string;=0A=
 	    if (alt || vectorize)=0A=
 		goto unknown;=0A=
 	    uv =3D PTR2UV(args ? va_arg(*args, void*) : argsv);=0A=
diff -ur /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/t/op/sprintf.t =
--- /home/rmb1/temp/perl/perl-current/t/op/sprintf.t	Wed Jan 12 =
14:25:02 2005=0A=
+++ t/op/sprintf.t=0A=
@@ -323,6 +323,7 @@=0A=
 >%+o<       >642<         >1202<=0A=
 >%#o<       >642<         >01202<=0A=
 >%d< >$p=3Dsprintf('%p',$p);$p=3D~/^[0-9a-f]+$/< >1< >Coarse hack: hex =
from %p?<=0A=
+>%d< >$p=3Dsprintf('%-8p',$p);$p=3D~/^[0-9a-f]+\s*$/< >1< >Coarse =
hack: hex from %p?<=0A=
 >%#p<       >''<          >%#p INVALID<=0A=
 >%q<        >''<          >%q INVALID<=0A=
 >%r<        >''<          >%r INVALID<=0A=

5/18/2005 6:57:02 PM
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On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 07:57:02PM +0100, Robin Barker (Robin.Barker@npl.co.uk) wrote:
> > Should Porting/pumpkin.pod say something more/different about CHECK_FORMAT,
> > or should it be said somewhere else?
> For that matter, is there any reason to not have it on by default?

I don't see why we wouldn't.

I'll include that in my megapatch.


Andy Lester => andy@petdance.com => www.petdance.com => AIM:petdance
5/18/2005 7:04:40 PM

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