Released perl-ldap 0.67 [Christmas edition]

Hi all,

I just released perl-ldap 0.67 to CPAN:=20

=46or those of you directly pulling from GitHub, the repository=20
has been updated accordingly.=20

Please find a short log of the changes below.=20

Thanks to=20
* Eero H=E4kkinen
* Jason Cooper
* Petr Pisar
for their bug reports / patches and
* Felipe Gasper <>
for pestering me to release a new version.

Have fun & Merry Christmas

0.67 -- Sat Dec 26 14:50:55 CEST 2020

* Makefile.PL: update author & bugtracker
* support controls when reading
* Control/ new
* new option 'nooptions' for get_value()
* various typo fixes

Bug Fixes
* do not persist the default sslserver
* correct parameter to restrict IP family with IO::Socket::IP
* data/ fix shebang

Peter Marschall

12/26/2020 3:13:12 PM
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