i am C newbie, help please, i am trying to get this too work.

hi all,

I want to be able to call perl from c (eg Win32::GuiTest::FindWindowLike) 
and get this working.....basically capturing hwnd handles of open windows 
and printing them.

thanks in advance,


Jeremy A.

my code is below.
use Win32::GuiTest qw/FindWindowLike GetWindowText ShowWindow/;
use Inline C;

sub FWL
my ($zero,$class,$subclass);
return FindWindowLike($zero,$class,$subclass);





#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>

static char* callback;
int isWindowOpenedHistory;
int hwnd;
int elements;
int ec;

void set_callback(char* name) {
     callback = name;

void this_test()
		isWindowOpenedHistory = malloc(5 * sizeof(&isWindowOpenedHistory));
         	hwnd = malloc(5 * sizeof(&hwnd));
         	Inline_Stack_Push(newSVpvf("Internet Explorer"));
         	perl_call_pv(callback, 0);
		elements = sizeof(*hwnd)/sizeof(int);
		for(ec = 0;ec < elements;ec++)
			printf("handle %d\n",hwnd[ec]);


9/2/2004 7:09:51 AM
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I've little idea of what you were trying to do :-)
Is the following anything like what you were after ? (Beware of line 

# BOOL EnumWindows(
#  WNDENUMPROC lpEnumFunc,  // callback function
#  LPARAM lParam            // application-defined value
#  );

# BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(
#  HWND hwnd,      // handle to parent window
#  LPARAM lParam   // application-defined value
#  );

# int GetWindowText(
#  HWND hWnd,        // handle to window or control
#  LPTSTR lpString,  // text buffer
#  int nMaxCount     // maximum number of characters to copy
#  );

use warnings;

use Inline (C => Config =>
             LIBS => '-luser32 -lkernel32',
             BUILD_NOISY => 1,

use Inline C => <<'EOC';

#include <windows.h>

void Call_my_callback(int handle) {
      dSP ;

      ENTER ;
      SAVETMPS ;

      PUSHMARK(SP) ;
      PUTBACK ;

      call_pv("my_callback", G_DISCARD);

      FREETMPS ;
      LEAVE ;


BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(HWND handle, LPARAM given) {

/*  This function is not accessible from perl.           */
/*  Have it do a callback to the perl subroutine         */
/*  my_callback(). This is just my (convoluted ?) way of */
/*  getting all of the handles stored into a perl array. */

      Call_my_callback((int) handle);

void enumwindows() {
      WNDENUMPROC ptr;
      LPARAM lp = 42; /* Universally meaningful number */

      ptr = EnumWindowsProc;
      EnumWindows(ptr, lp);

SV * getwindowtext(SV * a, SV * b) {
      char * buffer;
      int len = SvIV(b);
      SV * ret;

      if(b <= 0) croak("2nd arg to getwindowtext function must be 
greater than zero");

      New(1, buffer, sizeof(char) * len, char);

      GetWindowText(SvUV(a), buffer, len);
      ret = newSVpv(buffer, 0);
      return ret;


@handles = (); # global


# @handles now contains handles of all open windows.

print "Looking for IE windows\n";

for(@handles) {
    if(getwindowtext($_, 100) =~ /Internet Explorer/) {
      printf "IE Window handle: %x\n", $_;

print "Search completed\n";

sub my_callback {
     push @handles, $_[0];


The usual approach to this sort of stuff is to use the rough (but 
brilliant and effective) hack that goes by the name of Win32::API.

Anyway ... I hope there's something there that helps. But if there 
isn't, then at least I had some fun writing it :-)

Hmmm .... s/writing it/plagiarising/


9/14/2004 11:34:39 AM
Jeremy A wrote:

> hi all,
> I want to be able to call perl from c (eg 
> Win32::GuiTest::FindWindowLike) and get this working.....basically

You mean "call c from perl" right?


Patrick LeBoutillier
Laval, Quebec, Canada

9/14/2004 12:20:37 PM

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