SQL syntax for returning multiple values from a select?

The DBI doc's seem to indicate that multiple values can be
returned from an insert query.

	insert into foo
	( bar bletch )
	( bar$seq.nextval, bletch$seq.nextval )

I've tried variations on "( bar, bletch ) into (?,?)" with
and without parens and "bar into ?, bletch into ?" without
any luck so far...

What is the correct sql syntax (googling variations on the
select returning syntax hasn't gotten me anywhere).



Oracle supports an extended SQL insert syntax which will return
one or more of the values inserted. This can be particularly useful
for single-pass insertion of values with re-used sequence values
(avoiding a separate "select seq.nextval from dual" step).

  $sth = $dbh->prepare(qq{
      INSERT INTO foo (id, bar)
      VALUES (foo_id_seq.nextval, :bar)
      RETURNING id INTO :id
  $sth->bind_param(":bar", 42);
  $sth->bind_param_inout(":id", \my $new_id, 99);
  print "The id of the new record is $new_id\n";

If you have many columns to bind you can use code like this:

  @params = (... column values for record to be inserted ...);
  $sth->bind_param($_, $params[$_-1]) for (1..@params);
  $sth->bind_param_inout(@params+1, \my $new_id, 99);

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