Installing MySql DBD without installing MySql- general question.

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I am trying to install the DBI module and DBD for MySql on our application
server running HP-Ux 10.2. I have a Linux box set up as an Apache server
that is running MySql and want to query its database. When I run make (after
having run Makefile.PL) on the Mysql modules-1.2215 I get an "Error exit
code 1 Don't know how to make /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql.h". Can't I install
the DBI on a machine without installing the database?
I have looked at O'Reilly's Programming the Perl DBI and MySQL & mSQL books
and they both show those neat diagrams of the DBI layer communicating
directly with the DB engine; and neither of them answer this particular

		Thanks for your help,


6/19/2001 1:02:19 AM
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