Error msg after installing new DBD::Oracle: symbol OCIInitialize: referenced symbol not found

We are installing this on Solaris 2.6 Sun box.

Both testing the install and running one of our scripts yields: perl: fatal: relocation error: file
acle/ symbol OCIInitialize: referenced symbol not found

We did set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH ENV variable. I built and linked the
libraries with Oracle 8.1.7 and maybe that is the problem.

Anyone has a suggestion as to what might be wrong?


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Binary version of DBI, DBD-ODBC, DBD-Oracle, DBD-DB2 available (back up with new versions) should be back up now... I had a UPS die badly and = since died, the original server stopped working. Please let me know on the dbi-users mailing list if you have issues. Also, since the original announcement, I have upgraded to DBI version = 1.40, DBD-Oracle 1.15 and added DBD-DB2. Also note that if you get DBD-xxx from my site, I strongly recommend you = get DBI from my site too. At the very least, make sure you are running the = same DBI that I'm running. I've restructured a bit and am basing the directory structure upon the=20 perl version,...

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