Serious problems using Oracle 10g 10.2.0 Client with DBD-Oracle module loaded on Windows!


I'm not sure if this is a right place to ask this question so please 
forward to whom it may concern.

I had installed ActiveState Perl 5.8.8 on WinXP and installed latest DBI 
and DBD-Oracle using their ppm3.

The DBD-Oracle seemed to work fine, but see this link for exact problems 
I was having with Oracle Client software throwing errors and not working:

DBD-Oracle installed "oraociei10.dll" version and it 
conflicts with the newer Oracle 10.2.0 Client installation.

I replaced the "c:\perl\bin\oraociei10.dll" with newer version from 
"C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\instantclient\oraociei10.dll" which 
can be found by installing latest 10g client from

The DBD-Oracle still works and now my Oracle client software (Oracle 
Enterprise Manager and sqlplus both work!

How do we get this newer Oracle instantclient dll to be the one that 
gets installed with DBD-Oracle on Windows platforms?

Is this an ActiveState issue only or does it possibly affect other win32 
installs of perl on Windows?

How can we avoid this problem in the future by keeping the 
"instantclient\oraociei10.dll" file that gets installed during the 
DBD-Oracle install UP-TO-DATE?

My problem is solved, unless this newer file adds some "voodoo" to how 
DBD-Oracle should work.  It seems to work fine in my testing, but I 
thought I should ask here to make sure dropping in this newer dll is kosher.

Lawrence K. Hixson
Oracle DBA
National Weather Service HQ
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TPF Steering Committee
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