Announce: DBD::Sprite v. 0.19


    I am pleased to announce DBD::Sprite upgrade, v. 0.19, now 
available at a CPAN mirror near you; and at the development site: !  A brief description of fixes and 
changes is shown below:

0.10  Wed Aug 16
    - Fix bug involving "like" and field values containing regex-
      special characters, ie. ".".
0.11  Thu Aug 31
    - Fix regex bug in and add error-checking for SQL 
    - commands wo/space after table-name, ie "update table-name\n...".
0.12  Tue Sep 05
    - Add size fields are truncated to to "-519" error message.
0.13  Tue Oct 10
    - Fix CaseTableNames attribute to "sprite_CaseTableNames.
    - Minor docs fix.
0.14  Thu Oct 12
    - Added Oracle TO_DATE and CONCAT functions.  Fixed bug now 
      allowing more than 1 argument for functions, and minor bug 
      which stripped wild-card chars from function results in "LIKE" 
0.15  Thu Nov 02
    - Fix bug that caused question marks in bound parameter values to be 
      treated as additional parameters.
0.16  Thu Dec 21
    - Fixed bug which would not allow lower-case versions of the "AND" and 
      "OR" operators.  Also made field-names used as right-values return 
      the appropriate value they represent rather than just a literal 
      string of the field name, ie. "update table set FIELD1 = FIELD2" 
      should now work properly instead of setting FIELD1 to "FIELD2" in 
      every record of "table".
0.17  Fri Mar 09
    - Fixed bug where types not returned for cursor after update, 
      Fixed bug where table names not returned if space appeared after 
    - Fixed bug in "" -- was encrypting wrong argument.
0.18  Wed Mar 13
    - Changed comparisens of literal data with "CHAR" fields to first 
      pad the literal with appropriate spaces so that eqality tests would 
      pass (to work like Oracle and the way DBIx-Recordset expects).
      Also added new option "StrictCharComp" to force the old behavior.
    - Fixed bug that occasionally inserted a "0" instead of "" in numeric 
      fields when inserting NULL.  To get the proper "old" behavior, 
      specify a default of zero for each numeric field, ie.
      "NUMFIELD=NUMBER=0" in the top line of your Sprite table files.
    - Added some code to check syntax of "where" clauses. (for DBIx-
    - Fixed a couple of other small bugs that DBIx-Recordset tests found.
0.19  Wed Mar 21
    - Fixed problem seeing all Windows file-names due to case-insensitivity 
      in Windows.


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