Beatus Annus MMDCCLXXIV AUC vobiscum (announce Raku module Date::Calendar::Julian 0.0.3)

Beatus Annus MMDCCLXXIV AUC vobiscum!

Happy new year 2774 AUC!

Tomorrow may be 14 January 2021 for most people, but for Roman
citizens this will be the 1st of January of year 2774 since the
founding of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita, or AUC).

For this occasion, I have released version 0.0.3 of
Date::Calendar::Julian, which allows you to choose between
the usual year counting and the AUC counting.

What this new version is NOT:

This version is not the calendar of the early Roman republic,
before Caesar's reform. A very complicated affair, not really
fit for programming.

This version does not use Calends, Ides and Nones, it uses
a plain 7-day week, with mondays and sundays.

If you are interested with latin names for months and days,
you should volunteer and contact Tom Browder, maintainer of
Date::Names. My module just uses the currently installed
version of Date::Names with all languages available in
this Date::Names version.

So why did I release a version with so few improvements?
First, it allows me to wish you a happy new year. Second,
it reduces the gap with the Perl module Date::Converter
(by Andrew Shitov).

Thank you for your interest.

Jean Forget
1/13/2021 6:19:02 AM
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