Adopting Date::Convert

Can you give me a commit bit on Date::Convert, or can you release a new version, based on what I have on

The last release of Date::Convert was 20 years ago. There has not been many bug reports since this date, only 4 bug reports, but 3 of them show programming errors.

Another issue is that Perl has moved for these last 20 years. Among others, there has been Kwalitee checking, publishing "Perl Best Practices", the CPANTS website, the META.yml and META.json files, etc.

And Date::Convert has not moved with all this.

For example, some constructs has fallen out of grace, such as the indirect object method call:

   method Hierarchical::Package::Name $param1, $param2;

which should be replaced by arrow method call:

   Hierarchical::Package::Name->method($param1, $param2)

And Date::Convert is mentioned in Neil Bower's list of CPAN Adoption Candidates :

So I have tweaked the code to deal with the 4 RT tickets and I have overhauled the module architecture to follow the guidelines.

I still have the POD documentation to improve. After that, I can release version 0.17. And for version 0.18, there are a few features to add, e.g. the "convert_to" method and the format string to the "date_string" method, both of them already implemented in Date::Convert::French_Rev.

So can you please give me a commit bit on Date::Convert?

Thank you in advance.

Jean Forget
JFORGET at cpan dot org
10/9/2020 5:23:23 AM
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My previous message was actually a message to MORTY, the author of Date::Convert, cc the datetime list. It was not clear, you (other datetime subscribers) might have wondered why you received the message. Please forgive me for the confusion.

Anyhow, I have received "Undelivered mail" messages for MORTY's mail addresses, both the "MORTY at cpan dot org" and "morty at umbc dot edu" adresses.

Jean Forget
JFORGET at cpan dot org
10/9/2020 5:35:50 AM
Dear Jean,

Neil Bowers has a blog entry on how to adopt a CPAN module:

It is actually not hard, though it takes some time to work through the list.

Tom Wyant
10/9/2020 2:18:36 PM
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