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Hi Rob,=0AI implemented your code and it gave perfectly desired answers. Bu=
t I couldn't understand most of it. So, currently I went ahead with Dan's t=
ips on my code only and would try to understand your code later after I mee=
t a deadline for a small project of mine in college for tomorrow! So, no qu=
estions as of now. =0A=0Acheers.=0AK(ay).=0A=0A=0AOn Thu, 19 Feb 2004 Rob D=
ixon wrote :=0A>Scott E Robinson wrote:=0A> >=0A> > Great job, Rob!  Thanks=
 for the good code!  Quite a timesaver.=0A>=0A>K Gupta A wrote:=0A> >=0A> >=
 wow Rob, thaz a masterpiece code!!=0A> > 3 cheers for you!!=0A>=0A>Thanks =
guys, but I expected a few questions from that post.=0A>=0A>Please be sure =
you /understand/ as much as possible before=0A>you use it. If you don't the=
n you'll=0A>=0A>- Not be able to fix it if it breaks=0A>=0A>- Not be able t=
o use it for other purposes=0A>=0A>WRT K's (it's always nice to have a firs=
t name or a tag to=0A>call people by) original post, note that I could only=
 write=0A>the code I posted because you gave me a live Internet address=0A>=
so that I could see what the HTML looked like. Without real=0A>data I'm oft=
en torn between fixing the Perl code (which is=0A>what I believe this group=
 should be about) and fixing the=0A>solution (as I did here).=0A>=0A>(But, =
then again, where do I find an algorithms.beginners?)=0A>=0A>Rob=0A>=0A>=0A=
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2/19/2004 8:21:33 PM
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