RE: How do I get DLL file versions

This approach works >> 

use Win32::API;
sub GetFileVersion {

    my $fn = shift @_;

    if (! $ref_GetFileVersionInfoSize) {
        $ref_GetFileVersionInfoSize =
            new Win32::API("Version", "GetFileVersionInfoSize", [P, P], I);
        if ( ! defined $ref_GetFileVersionInfoSize) {
            warn "Cannot import KERNEL fcn : GetFileVersionInfoSize : $!";
            return undef;

    # OK, we've got a handle for GetFileVersionInfoSize; use it!
    my $z = 0;
    my $sz = $ref_GetFileVersionInfoSize->Call($fn, $z);

    if (! $ref_GetFileVersionInfo) {
        $ref_GetFileVersionInfo =
            new Win32::API("Version", "GetFileVersionInfo", [P, I, I, P],
        if ( ! defined $ref_GetFileVersionInfo) {
            warn "Cannot import KERNEL fcn : GetFileVersionInfo : $!";
            return undef;

    # Allocate Space For File Version Info
    my $FileInfo = "\x00" x $sz;
    my $ignored = 0;

    my $rc = $ref_GetFileVersionInfo->Call($fn, $ignored, $sz, $FileInfo);
    $FileInfo =~ s/[^A-Za-z0-9.:]//go;

    # Get only the File Version Info; this xform is "brute-force", but it

    $FileInfo =~ s/.*FileVersion([\d\.]*).*/$1/go;

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         xt. 3845
         5-881-3900, xt. 3845

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Subject: How do I get DLL file versions

I need a snippet of code that will get me the file versions from DLL files
in Windows

I have done a quick search, no luck... need it asap...

Thanks in ADVANCE!


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