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i am using Net::Telnet module to connect to remote hosts 
i able to to successfully connect to remote host and run the "ls" command 
but the issue is , the output of command is not getting printed to scalar variable 

use Net::Telnet ();
$t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10,
Prompt => '/bash\$ $/');
$t->login($username, $passwd);
@lines = $t->cmd("ls");
print @lines;

please suggest.

7/8/2011 12:59:25 PM
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On 7/8/11 Fri  Jul 8, 2011  5:59 AM, "Irfan Sayed"
<> scribbled:

> hi,
> i am using Net::Telnet module to connect to remote hosts
> i able to to successfully connect to remote host and run the "ls" command
> but the issue is , the output of command is not getting printed to scalar
> variable 
> use Net::Telnet ();
> $t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10,
> Prompt => '/bash\$ $/');
> $t->open("abc");
> $t->login($username, $passwd);
> @lines = $t->cmd("ls");
> print @lines;

That looks like the sample code included with 'perldoc Net::Telnet'. That
presumes that you have assigned valid values to the $username and $passwd
variables. Have you?

You have no error checking in your code. Since you are apparently getting an
error, it is time to add some error checking. See 'perldoc Net::Telnet' for
how to do this. The documentation recommends the use of input_log() and
dump_log() to trace the data sent back and forth between your program and
the telnet server.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a telnet server to test your program. Most
telnet access has been replaced by ssh these days.

7/8/2011 5:13:37 PM
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i have written my own code and i am printing dump_log and input_log as well
in the log , it says , everything is successful, i am getting the output of "ls" command as the log

but on the console it is not printing the output 

plz suggest


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