Connecting to the Netware Server using ssh

Hi all,
          I am connecting to Netware Server using ssh 1.24 version. Here is
th sample code for the same.

    use Net::SSH::Perl;
    use Net::SSH::Perl::Cipher;
    my $ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new("xx.xx.xx.xx", cipher => "DES",
    interactive => "true", debug => 1);
    $ssh->login("username", "passwd");
   # $ssh->login;
   my ($out, $in)=$ssh->open2("m xxx.nlm");  ( Previously i tried cmd but my
consle screen hangs and does not go forward)
  close $in;
  while (<$out>) {
    # Process output
       print $out;
       print " I am here:";
   close $out;

i.e. in place of $ssh->cmd() i put open2() and able to run the command on
the netware Server but always gettig output as empty
So if you have to see the result of my command executed on the netware
Server I am not able to do so as in linux box i was always getting some
generated related to success or failure. Could you please let me know if
I am doing something wrong.


1/16/2004 3:00:11 PM
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