Comparison: finding if a value is gt some value AND lt another

Hello, All:

Is there a simple way to find if a variable's value is within a range? 

  if (1 < $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }

.....or do I have to join two separate comparisons using the logical AND 
operator? e.g.,

  if (1 < $x and $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }

Eric P.
Sunnyvale, CA

9/26/2002 8:12:42 PM
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On Sep 27, said:

>Is there a simple way to find if a variable's value is within a range?
>  if (1 < $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }

You can't do that until Perl 6.

>....or do I have to join two separate comparisons using the logical AND
>operator? e.g.,
>  if (1 < $x and $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }

You have to do that for now.

Jeff "japhy" Pinyan
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9/27/2002 2:04:20 PM
On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan wrote:
> On Sep 27, said:
> >Is there a simple way to find if a variable's value is within a range?
> >  if (1 < $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }
> >...or do I have to join two separate comparisons using the logical AND
> >operator? e.g.,
> >  if (1 < $x and $x < 5) { print 'foo'; }
> You have to do that for now.

Many thanks!

Eric P.
Sunnyvale, CA

9/30/2002 8:47:27 AM

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