Web solution help - server side v client side solution

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   I was looking for an idea of how I might accomplish something and if =
Perl/CGI is
going to handle what I have in mind.  I have a site that will list =
information with links to
another site or there may just be additional information available.  To =
include the=20
more information with every listing would create a very large web page.  =
rather have something like the following:
Here is item one (more information on item one)
Here is item two (more information on item two)

  When the visitor clicks on more information... I'd like to have the =
contents of another file with
more details come in and display just below the item listing and prior =
to the next listing.  So, essentially
it's almost like a Server Side Include but the information doesn't get =
included except based on a=20
selection by the visitor.
    This might be handled better on the client side using Dynamic HTML, =
other than the fact that
this would open a very large file as to additional information for each =
item would have to be downloaded when
the page is loaded.  That's what I'm trying to avoid is having =
everything that makes up a large file - large=20
html web page download and take an extensive amount of time.  Instead, I =
want to see if there is a way to=20
download only what is needed and as it is needed.
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