DateTime format for web server

I have put together a simple Apache2 web server on SUSE 11.1 using mono
(ASP.NET). I noticed though that when I go to my sample web page that
the time format is in military time. How can I configure apache to
display in normal US time, that is am and pm.

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This is not an Apache issue, it's your Mono app that displays it. So you
should look at your program.

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5/7/2009 11:26:01 PM
Apache still has nothing to do with it. The app runtime libraries get
the time (in seconds from 1/1/1970, no human formatting) from the OS,
and translate it to whatever the human needs to see. I'd look at
settings for the Mono runtime. It may be related to locale, since
obviously the presentation of date depends on the natural language in
use in that locale.

Remember that Mono is a .NET workalike, not an exact copy. You may have
to tweak some things yourself.

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5/8/2009 12:36:01 AM
That does not seem right, it works fine on a Windows 2000 server.  I
have posted my code below, it is very simple and I got it out of a



<title>Testing ASP.NET/C#</title>
<script runat="server" language="C#">
protected void Page_Load(Object s, EventArgs e)
lblTime.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString();

<h2>Testing ASP.NET and C# on my first ASP.NET web page</h2>
Today's Date:
	<asp:Label runat="server" id="lblTime" />

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5/8/2009 12:36:01 AM
Oh, okay thanks.  


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