problem? what problem?

I just wanted to say is:

Opensuse 11.2 gives many problems in comparison to other linux and
possibly other previous opensuse.


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12/4/2009 1:26:02 PM
batou wrote:
> I just wanted to say is:
> Opensuse 11.2 gives many problems in comparison to other linux and
> possibly other previous opensuse.

yes, all people with ATI graphics are affected by some problems..

i see where you jumped into another persons help thread and said you
had the same problem....and, one of the very best helpers here
(oldcpu) tried to help you and you never answered his question:

why don't you try starting your own thread with a descriptive subject
line like "ATI acer aspire black screen on boot after 11.2 install"

and give all your hardware data and exactly what you are seeing in the
first post in that thread....then, monitor that thread and answer all

12/4/2009 2:03:46 PM
First I want to clarify that he was willing to install opensuse 11.2.

In another post in wich I participate, and which I sincerely thank
oldcpu's help, I've tried _everything_ and repeat _everything_ oldcp
advised me to do, but the reality is I have not managed to install
opensuse 11.2 in my laptop, as I did with opensuse 11.1.

And I think there isn�t any problem with the ati driver since I can run
opensuse 11.2 in live mode

Anyway I hope to install opensuse in the future if novell fix it.


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12/4/2009 7:16:02 PM
> Anyway I hope to install opensuse in the future if novell fix it.

have you filed your bug report, so they can fix it??

12/4/2009 10:14:07 PM
If 11.2 dont work out then use 11.1, it wont be at its end of life
anytime soon.
You got a year for things to work out

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12/5/2009 12:16:02 AM
Exactly.  New release, new bugs but with time issues get fixed.  10.3 &
11.1 were horrible when first out.

I have ATI graphics and 11.2 is much, much better :)

Good thing is, with live update, it should be possible to skip
problematic kernel versions and installers that don't work on particular

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12/5/2009 7:16:02 PM

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