Yet another question on how to increase the screen resolution!

I realize this question has been asked various times before. A lot of
the solutions posted didn't work for me and a handful of others were
beyond my comprehension. I am an inexperienced Opensuse user. I'm
running OpenSUSE 12.1. My monitor is Acer AL1715 and my graphic card is
Nvidia Geforce GT 430. I installed the nvidia driver and configured it
accordingly. However, the issue is that on windows 7, the screen
resolution is 1248x1024 but on suse the maximum resolution available is
1024x768. I find that a bit uncomfortable. Also, the nvidia driver
doesn't seem to be detecting the screen. It's labeled as CRT-1.
Moreover, the xorg.config file was empty. I tried to follow one of the
solutions by adding a certain code in it but that didn't help.  Typing
xrandr in the terminal would give off the following results:

"default connected 1024x768+0+0 0mm x 0mm
1024x768       50.0* 
800x600        51.0     52.0     53.0  
640x480        54.0  
512x384        55.0  
400x300        56.0  
320x240        57.0"

I'd like to add that I'm using KDE 4.8 if that is relevant. I'd
appreciate any help on the topic. I'm still learning how to properly
handle OpenSUSE and I'm still a novice (a noob to put it bluntly) so if
you can spoon-feed me the solution I'd be grateful.


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