Misterious (UDP ?) packet loss in Teamspeak 3 and some games

Hi :)

I've been getting some weird packet loss when using Teamspeak 3:

[image: http://i.imgur.com/WKElV.png]

There's a constant incoming packet loss. This doesn't cause any
noticable problems but additionaly (like once every minute or so) it'll
spike to 50%+ and I won't be able to understand other people because
they sound stuttery. I also seem to get this problem in games which
leads me to believe that it only happens with UDP connections, and only
for incoming traffic.

Few things I tried:
- replacing my rt71 wifi card with a rt3572 wifi card along with the
  official Ralink drivers - didn't work
- reformat; removed openSUSE 11.4 and installed 12.1 - didn't work
- tested the same wifi cards on Windows 7 - everything works fine

I know for a fact that it isn't a connection problem or a problem with
the router. It seems to be something at the OS level and I can't figure
out what is causing it. It's extremely frustrating :(.


    hyperz@linux-03h0:~> netstat -su
  InType3: 312
  InType11: 8
  OutType3: 17
  76719 packets received
  17 packets to unknown port received.
  0 packet receive errors
  83693 packets sent
  RcvbufErrors: 0
  SndbufErrors: 0
  InDatagrams: 0
  NoPorts: 0
  InErrors: 0
  OutDatagrams: 0
  RcvbufErrors: 0
  SndbufErrors: 0
  InNoRoutes: 0
  InTruncatedPkts: 0
  InMcastPkts: 426
  OutMcastPkts: 379
  InBcastPkts: 748
  OutBcastPkts: 0
  InOctets: 3579528948
  OutOctets: 240893327
  InMcastOctets: 72064
  OutMcastOctets: 55213
  InBcastOctets: 173926
  OutBcastOctets: 0

Any help would be much appreciated!


4/10/2012 3:36:02 PM
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