Disabled XFCE Session Manager, now can't login to XFCE

I disabled the XFCE Session Manager when I last logged into XFCE, as it
used to prompt for a new session to be named every time I logged into
Now, I cannot login to XFCE. On trying to Login, the splash screen
(with the mouse graphic) appears and then the desktop and panel appear
very briefly (3-4 secs), and replaced by a blank black screen.

What can I do to re-enable 'Session Manager' ? I can boot via a 'Live
CD' and make any necessary changes to system file(s)-but I don't know
what XFCE file to alter ?

Registered Linux User # 483705 (openSUSE 11.1, i686)
'Smolts profile' (http://tinyurl.com/bwljzv)

2/27/2009 8:26:03 AM
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