DVD Install not different from LiveCD install?

I installed openSUSE once from the Live CD and couldn't do it and went
back to Ubuntu. Then my friend who uses SUSE came and said that SUSE
actually comes on a DVD and is loaded with stuff.
I got the DVD (7h+ to download) and then I installed and the only
difference is the install and options on installing KDE4, or GNOME, or
KDE3. Should I re-install (don't have any data on here yet so it's safe)
and choose a lot more software and load it? Otherwise the extra DVD
download I could call a waste.


3/9/2009 2:06:01 AM
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It's different in a few ways:

1. You don't have to boot to a Live system first, you can install
straight away. Some people have problems with getting the Live system
running, or don't have enough RAM. On the other hand the LiveCD allows
to see if it has a chance of working.

2. It has more software, as you have noted.

If you really want to reduce the download you could even do an over the
Internet install from the NET CD, which only fetches what you want to
install. But some of us like having a bootable CD or DVD around in case
something needs to be repaired or more packages installed. So it's up to
you whether you want to spend the time downloading.

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3/9/2009 2:26:01 AM

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