ZPM 6.4 patching SLES

Someone has bought ZPM 6.4, to patch SLES servers.

How is the patch stream for SLES?  Beyond what you would have gotten out 
of Yast's Online Update from a repository, how much else does it offer?
6/16/2009 7:30:36 PM
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automation, I guess - and Novell would prefer you to use ZLM :) You 
know you have to buy special licences to use ZPM with Linux/Unix?


Shaun Pond

6/17/2009 7:19:59 AM
Shaun Pond wrote:
> Geoffrey,
> automation, I guess - and Novell would prefer you to use ZLM :) You 
> know you have to buy special licences to use ZPM with Linux/Unix?

I thought that was the case too.  But it looks like they bought ZPM, the 
sales guy who sold it, is probably to blame.  I will double check with 
him as to WHY they chose that.
6/18/2009 9:52:59 AM

and do make sure that you've bought the licenses for Linux clients, 
they have to be bought separately...


Shaun Pond

6/18/2009 10:31:47 AM

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