Zenworks Patch Management

I installed Zenwork Patch Management, but the web zenwork web service
will not start at all. I re-installed, same problem

Event error ID 7001, tried both http and https in vain.

The World Wide Web Publishing Service service depends on the HTTP SSL
service which failed to start because of the following error: 
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because
it has no enabled devices associated with it.


12/14/2009 10:06:01 PM
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what Server OS please, what version of ZPM? Was the instal of ZPM 
performed on a new, clean server?


Shaun Pond

12/15/2009 11:15:03 AM

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We have been trying to use this product and have come across the following problems and concerns. Perhaps this form could help us answer these questions: 1. We have a group which we would like to receive the MS critical patches when they come out. Thus providing the auto-update option available in Windows update to our group of computers. We have not found a way to do this in patch management. We only have the process of picking the patches individually and adding them to the baseline. Is there a way to automate this? 2. Why is it so hard to get access to version 6.0? We ar...

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Can ZENworks 7 Patch Management be connected to external database (MS SQL Server 2005)? Frank, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting. That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply. Has your problem been resolved? If not, you might try one of the following options: - Do a search of our knowledgebase at http://support.novell.com/search/kb_index.jsp - Check all of the other support tools and options available at http://support.novell.com. - You could also try posting your message again. Make sure it is posted in the ...

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Hi The Client/ZENworks Patch Management Agent produces following error message Control Panel Message An error has occurred while starting the control panel. The control panel will now exit. equal if I launch it through Control Panel -> ZENworks Patch Management Agent or c:\WINDOWS\system32\GravitixControlPanel.cpl. That happens on clients with Agent, only at the PLUS self it works. Sebastian Sebastian, is the person running it a local administrator? I have reported a problem for members of the users group... -- Shaun Pond Shaun, it's a ...

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OK, this is advance warning that I'm about to be reposting a bunch of patches of mine which appear to have succumbed to Warnock's Dilemma. The first three should be uncontroversial: there's a documentation fix-up for core.ops, and new tests for strings and stacks. The last one is rather larger, and consists of a greatly expanded set of tests for PerlString's, plus a bunch of bug-fixes. I'd be grateful if Jeff or Dan could take a look at this, as I have the feeling that a lot of the scalar PMCs are going to need similar fixes. Simon ...

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We were using ZPM version 6.2.x for a while and had 400 clients registered with the server. Many of the agents were older versions because of compatibility issues with other software (we can't install MSXML 4SP2). Because of that, we have most clients installed with agents. Two days ago I tried to upgrade the server to version 6.3 but didn't see the upgrade instructions (why isn't that part of the documentation?). I tried just using the download from the ZEN7 suite w/SP1 and the result was I had to start completely from scratch. It removed the old vers...

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Hi All, This might seem like a dumb question, I have renewed on Patch Management license, and followed the steps that Shaun has posted on a previous post. And the license has appeared in my Patch man server and in the Customer centre on the website But the server is still claiming it is expired? It all looks fine to me (first time doing this new to Novell and Zenworks) except the Effective Date is the start of next month?? Could this be the issue? The license has expired so i'm currently running with Zenworks offline. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks -- g...

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Like most you I quickly found out that ZPM was just a lite version of Patchlink. I then contacted them and after some review I can assure you all that Patchlink is better: -better support -more up to date product and definately CHEAPER (not going to go in details on that, ask your Patchlink rep) I really dont see any valide point at going with ZPM over Patchlink Interesting.. How did you come to the conclusion that ZPM is a lite version? Pricing: If you are an existing Novell customer then the price is usually less expensive from Novell. MLA, CLA, VLA, ALA discounts ...

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