error on subscription service

Hi everyone,
I have recently upgraded patchmanagement server from 6.4 to
11, but now I have an error coming up when try to download Patches and
Bundles, the error which it returns is "You must have valid patch
subscription to use this feature". I do have a valid license and its
active, any feed back will be much appreciated. Thanks 



1/4/2012 2:56:01 AM
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see TID 7009469


Shaun Pond

1/4/2012 10:34:30 AM
spond;2164870 Wrote: 
> Harrygill,
> see TID 7009469
> --
> Shaun Pond

I tried that solution Shaun, now patches are working but bundles are
still comming as 'False', when I looked under subscription service

Harry Gill

harrygill's Profile:
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1/5/2012 11:56:01 PM

did you do an "update now"? And did you wait for all the "critical" 
patches to download themselves?


Shaun Pond

1/6/2012 11:48:00 AM

OH, and since this forum is for ZPM 6.4, not 11.1, it might make sense 
to open any new threads in the ZCM forums... :)


Shaun Pond

1/6/2012 11:48:23 AM

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