Install the agent without patch

Is there a swich to pass on to the bunddle
"PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe"  so it install the agent without ZPM?



4/16/2009 2:46:01 PM
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This is not an option now, but will be in ZCM 10.2

ZCM 10.2 will let you enable/disable/install/(not install) 7 different 
pieces of the agent.
Patch Managment is one of those 7.

"simth01" <> wrote in message
> Is there a swich to pass on to the bunddle
> "PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe"  so it install the agent without ZPM?
> Thanks
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> simth01
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4/16/2009 3:04:37 PM

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Hi, Yesterday i patched our three ZCM-servers (Sles 11) with 10.3.3. I then deployed the 10.3.3 agent to some computers in the IT-department. ZCC shows that the deployment were successful. The problem is that you can not log on to the ZONE from many of these computers. The Novell ZENworks Agent Service stops. I get the following in the Application Windows Log on a Windows 7 64-bit client: Faulting application name: ZenworksWindowsService.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4d654308 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16695, time stamp: 0x4cc7b325 Exceptio...

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I am trying to install agents through the agent management center. I click on install agents, I type the username, password, and domain name. I go to the Microsoft Windows Network to locate the domain name and select the specific machine I want to install it on. When I select install I get an error the "Number of nodes to install is greater than the available licenses." We are using the evaluation version where 100 computer are allowed to install agents and we only 40. Could somebody help please. Thank you Jason Jroggen, It appears that in the past few day...

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Is there a way to install the zenworks agent onto multiple desktops that dont have it already installed? and set all the options and settings? cheers in advance troy Sure, do you want to do it via login script or NAL? If these TIDs don't help or you have other questions, please ask. -- Jared L Jennings Novell Support Forums SysOp Systems Engineer for Data Technique, INC. ICQ# 27902780 Using XanaNews I tried the login sc...

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Some 10.2.1 agent installs failing but they will not try to install again
I had a few 10.2.1 agents start installing and failed(going from 10.2 agent). I then try again by doing a 'redeploy update to device(s)' but the status on these devices never changes from 'Update Assigned' after a refresh. 10.2 agent is still on the failed machines but the 10.2.1 update never tries to install again. Any ideas to force the update to try again? This system-update.log is from one of our WIn2003x64 servers just a managed device not a ZCM server. Jim INSTALLING;INSTALLING_PERCENTAGE;0; DEBUG;;;Attempting to stop service: zenmonitor DEBUG;;;Una...

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Here is our problem. It is a bit unique, but still a problem. We had a ZCM Zen server about a year ago. We had several labsl tied to it. It worked pretty good. It was a 10.01 server, when we wanted to upgrade to 10.3, it was like a nightmare on elm street!! We had an excellent Novell engineer assist us on cleaning up our Zen environment. We ended up building a new server up, which of course orphaned a lot of workstations. Here is where we are getting into trouble. Quick Secario: New Zen ZCM server in place: Many workstations with old Zen agents on a lower level, orphaned fro...

Old 10.0.3 agent rolls out after I install a new 10.2 machine
If I install 10.2 to a new machine I will get bundles from 10.0.3 rolling out to the machine after the reboot. Searching in the bundles cache(C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\cache\zmd\ZenCache\) on the server I see all the MSIs are there for the 10.0.3 install. I don't have any bundles that do this install in ZCC. I am guessing this is happening at some deeper system level. How to I clear these out if they are not in my bundle list? Best Regards, Jim Koerner If you look at your SystemUpdate Tab, Do you still see 10.0.3 Listed? If so, I wou...

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Hello I've been reading through the upgrade guide fot upgrading from Zen 3.2 to Zen 4, one fo the steps before installing Zenworks 4 is to install the Agent on the Client Machines. I've installed this on a test machine and now when I try and log in i get a second login box. I read that in theory the agent should look to see if there are any zen 4 policies and if not it should use the Zen 3 policy but it looks as if it is not doing so. Anyone got any ideas. If this is the wrong forum I apologize is advance Paul Paul, the zen4 and zen3 policies are th...

Installing the Patch Management Agent
I need to force an install of the Agent to all of my computers. They already have an older Agent on them. The problem is that some people have disabled the DAgent because it was slowing their computer down so much they could not work. This makes it hard for me to force the new agent down using PatchLink. I was wondering if there is switches on the .msi that will make it force a install over the old Agent and add the IP of the server along with the serial number? That way I could use ZFD 7 to distribute the new Agent. If there is a better way please don't hesitate to let me...

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I am currently running the ZDM 6.5 agent on my XP workstations and I also purchased the Novell Zen Asset Manager product, which has it's own agent on the workstations. Now the ZCM agent also does the functionality of the ZAM client. When I try to install THE ZCM agent it attemps to remove the old ZDM agent. This fails. The only way to recover from this is to reghost the workstation. If you manually first remove the ZAM then you can manually remove the ZFD client, then you can install ZCM. It appears that if you are using the ZAM you cannot instal ZCM because it will not remo...

Installing server and agent patches
I will be upgrading our Patchlink server to the new version, along with the agents on the workstation. The informatin I have is that we need to install the server first because the newer agent won't communicate with older versions of Pathlink server. Does the older agents communicate with the newer version of the Patchlink server so that I can deploy the new agents to the workstations, or do I need to deploy the agents seperately through Zenworks or other install? Thanks. > I will be upgrading our Patchlink server to the new version, along with > the agents on the ...

Zenworks Management Agent install
Hello, We are about ready to rollout Zenworks 4.01 to all users. Of course the management agent has to be installed on all workstations. I know we can do it from the login script but does anybody have the switches for it so that it will be transparent to the users? Is there a TID on how to do this? Thanks Hi Douglas, If you have already Zen 3.2 you can create a msi application to distribute the zfdagent.msi to all you workstation . See the readme contain with the latest zfdagent.msi that explain different possible configuration of the application when distributi...

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